Bill Clinton: "I Can’t Imagine That... a President... Could Really Get Away with Murder."

"Think of all the opportunities I’ve missed …so many people had it coming."


One thing about Bill Clinton hasn't changed. He still thinks that he's absolutely hilarious.

Former President Clinton said Tuesday he wishes that his staff had “Scandal” or “House of Cards”-like abilities to make political opponents disappear.

Appearing on “Ellen,” the ex-commander in chief revealed he’s a fan of political thrillers on TV, saying he has a "very close friend" in “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey.

“But the thing about ‘Scandal’ and ‘House of Cards’ that makes it fun to watch is that I can’t imagine that either a President Spacey or the president’s chief of staff on ‘Scandal’ could really get away with murder,” Clinton chuckled, to laughs from the daytime talk show’s audience.

“I wish I’d known about that when I was in office,” the 42nd president added, before wondering aloud, “You know, think of all the opportunities I’ve missed … so little time … so many people had it coming. Crazy.”

I guess he could make it look like they committed suicide and then dump their bodies in a park.

Or small plane crashes are good. They seem to crash a lot when people connected to the Clintons are on board. But that's just a conspiracy theory.

A corrupt narcissist who takes money from America's enemies, sets up a phony foundation, and then pulls out all the stops to make his wife president after stealing as much White House furniture as he can carry is something that could only happen on television.

Thank goodness we live in the real world.