US Judge Agrees to Al Qaeda Commander's Ban on Female Guards

Muslim terrorists are enforcing Sharia law on Americans at Gitmo.


Muslim terrorists are enforcing Sharia law on Americans at Gitmo. Who exactly won this war?

Navy Capt. J.K. Waits agreed to a request by lawyers for an alleged al-Qaida commander to put off a hearing on the issue at the U.S. base in Cuba, according to Army Lt. Col. Myles B. Caggins, a Pentagon spokesman.

Judge Waits left in place, over the objections of government prosecutors, an earlier order that requires the military to only use male guards to move al-Hadi at least while he considers whether to issue a permanent injunction.

Al-Hadi is facing trial by military commission at Guantanamo for war crimes. The case is in the pretrial stage and a trial date has not been scheduled.

His lawyers say al-Hadi began refusing to meet with them in recent months because the military had resumed including female guards among the escort teams that move him around the prison. His lawyers took it up with the judge, arguing that the issue was a violation of his Muslim faith, which prohibits physical contact with females unless he is related or married to them, and interfered with his legal representation on charges that could get him life in prison.

Let's sum up.

Abd al-Hadi al-Iraqi, a top Bin Laden deputy and the bridge between Al Qaeda and what would become ISIS,  is refusing to meet with his lawyers because Islam hates women. Rather than deal with the obnoxiousness of their client, the lawyers sued to ban female guards so that he can get a fair trial.

Effectively they have allowed al-Hadi to hold the process hostage since any demand he makes has to be met so he will meet with his lawyers and get a "fair trial". Al-Hadi is continuing to terrorize America from inside Gitmo.

That's what happens when we pretend that foreign mass murderers have "rights" of any kind.

Meanwhile liberals who insist that women should be able to fulfill every role in the military will keep their mouths shut on this one. Islamism always trumps feminism.