Ready for Hillary Already Blew Through $11 Million and is in Debt

You can just imagine what Hillary would do to the national debt.

Considering that there isn't even an actual campaign yet, how did Ready for Hillary manage to blow through $11 million? Hillary's trips are subsidized by whoever is covering her speaking tour or campaign stop. Or by her non-profit Clinton Foundation.

Ready for Hillary consists of a website, some shoddy merchandise and a really bad country song. How does that cost $11 million?

The group has raised more than $11 million since its 2013 founding, picking up hundreds of big-name Democratic donors, the New York Times reported.

By Thanksgiving, the group was in debt. According to the group’s FEC disclosures, the group had $875,626 in the bank but also owed a $1 million loan that was intended to expand the organization’s grassroots operations for Clinton–including its ill-advised country song ad.

“This investment, used to fund our massive post-midterms direct mail program, will pay dividends from now until Hillary announces her decision” on whether to run for president again, said Seth Bringman, a spokesman for the group.

So they blew through $11 million on direct mail despite there being no campaign yet and no serious opposition? It's already in debt which really says something about Hillary's financial management skills.

I've never heard of a candidate blowing through this much cash this long before an actual election. But the Clintons always set new lows when it comes to money management.

You can just imagine what Hillary would do to the national debt.