NYPD Cops Turn Back on Pro-Crime Mayor After Cop Killings

Hero cop shouts down de Blasio at presser


This is what a city whose radical left-wing mayor is at war with the police looks like. While Bill de Blasio/Wilhelm tried to put on a show of concern after the murder of two cops by a Black Muslim as "revenge for Garner", the cops weren't buying it.

De Blasio had turned his administration over to Sharpton. He had backed the racist Brown/Garner protests that terrorized New Yorkers and many other people in this country.

And the police who put their lives on the line protecting New Yorkers from his voting base of thugs, criminals and junkies gave him their answer.

Police officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio as he walked into the police press conference about the two NYPD officers shot and killed execution-style in Brooklyn.

De Blasio weaved through the officers on his way to the presser with Police Commissioner Bill Bratton at Woodhull Hospital Saturday evening.

Ex-NYPDer John Cardillo has more

Other figures also weighed in

And let's not forget that this is exactly what the Brown/Garner protesters were calling for.