CNN Attacks Charlie Hebdo for "Going Over the Line" by Offending Muslims

Mocking Jews, Catholics isn't going too far. But mocking Muslims... that's going too far.


Count on CNN to carry the torch for freedom of speech. Unless it in any way offends Muslims. Here's Wolf Blitzer.

Reporting live on CNN, Wolf Blitzer accused Charlie Hebdo of occasionally going “over the line” in their satirical criticisms of current events.

The comment came as Blitzer was detailing the Islamic terrorist attack against the Charlie Hebdo office, which resulted in the deaths of 10 staff members and two police officers.

Blitzer categorically slammed the attacks and said there was no justification for it. However, in detailing what Charlie Hebdo is known for, he added that, at times, they went “over the line” in their commentary.

What "line" is that and who determines where the line is? Does CNN have a line?

On Twitter, CNN contributor Sally Kohn piled on.


Naturally that's a privilege that Kohn, like other leftists, reserves for Muslims.

And while it's not inconsistent to believe these things. I believe in them when it comes to non-homicidal ideologies, it's inconsistent to assert them right after a violent censorship spree complete with bullets. It's what liberals call "blaming the victim."

And CNN seems to be really good at that. When South Park was threatened for depicting Mohammed, it asked the same question.

This is a show, after all, that once painted God as a gap-toothed rhinoceros-monkey, portrays Satan as a simpering milquetoast and regularly features Jesus as a superhero -- the kind who's not afraid to ignore the peaceful teachings of the Sermon on the Mount to smite his opponents. The show has mocked Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Scientologists and atheists, among (many) others.

But have they gone too far this time with a depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in a bear suit?

There you have it. Mocking Jews, Catholics, Mormons and atheists isn't going too far. But mocking Muslims... that's going too far.