France Gives Muslim Illegal Aliens Three-Course Chef's Meals w/Imported Spices so They Feel at Home

The camp will also offer legal advice from immigration experts


The death of the West. This is what it looks like. (via Religion of Peace)

A new Sangatte-style camp opened in Calais yesterday, offering three-course meals cooked by a Michelin restaurant chef to thousands of migrants.

The 12-acre centre will provide beds, showers, toilets, a laundry service and medical facilities for the 2,500 migrants sleeping rough in the French port town.

There will also be 168 power points for them to charge their mobile phones so they can ‘call their relatives back home and those already in Britain’.

The three-course meals will be seasoned with imported spices to make the migrants ‘feel at home’. Incredibly, the meals will cost £2.30 each – three times more than the British Government spends on primary school meals.

The camp will also offer legal advice from immigration experts for migrants wishing to apply for asylum in the UK.

At least the French stopped short of providing the illegal invaders with rocket launchers.

A 23-year-old Afghan called Raja said: ‘The facilities are much better here than anything we’d had before. The food is also much better too.

‘I’m really pleased that they have lots of power sockets as I like to speak to my friends in England on the phone and over Facebook.’

Eritrean Sami, 21, who has been trying to get on a truck for four months, said the camp would help him stay for as long as it took to reach Britain.

One of the four chefs is Christophe Duchene, who worked for two years a trainee chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Auberge Du Dun near Dieppe.

"They are African and Asian people and they like hot, spicy food so we have laid on ample stocks of spices like curry, chili pepper sauce, turmeric and pepper,"  Mr Duchene said.

And if Mr. Duchene were to visit their country, they would skip the menu and go right to the beheading.