The Next Successor to the Saudi Throne Will Be the Son of a Slave Girl

The difference between ISIS and Saudi Arabia isn't all that great.


Assuming anyone allows him to take the throne due to his "dubious" lineage.

Now that Abdullah is dead, Crown Prince Salman takes over. And Salman is due to be succeeded by Crown Prince Muqrin. But... "his prospects are often questioned because he was born to a Yemeni rather than a Saudi mother of “approved” tribal lineage."

That's burying the lead.

"At 69 years old, Muqrin, the son of a Yemeni slave girl, is the youngest surviving son."

That's not just something ISIS does.

Muqrin is reported to be smart, affable and well-liked by diplomats.

"However, his credentials are particularly weakened by the fact that his mother was a slave girl, apparently from Yemen, which means that he does not quite have the pedigree which other princes have," Henderson said.

The difference between ISIS and Saudi Arabia isn't all that great.

Officially, for Western consumption,  Baraka Al Yamaniyah, Muqrin's mother, is listed as the "eighteenth spouse" of the Saudi King. But that whitewashing doesn't hold up too well.

(The House of Saud by David Holden and Richard Johns) notes that in addition to four wives, Ibn Saud typically had four favorite concubines and four favored slave girls "to complete his regular domestic team." Muqrin's mother, usually identified as "Baraka the Yemeni," was presumably in one of the latter categories.

How appropriately euphemistic.