Austria: Calls for Killing Jews Legal, Calling Mohammed a Pedophile, Illegal

Showing Adolf Hitler and praising the death of Jews are a legitimate criticism of Israel


It's not anti-Semitism. It's anti-Zionism. You can tell because it involves Hitler and killing Jews.

Facebook postings from a Turkish man showing Adolf Hitler, with a statement praising the death of Jews, are a legitimate expression of criticizing the Jewish state, the spokesman for the prosecutor office in the city of Linz, Philip Christl, said on Tuesday.

“I could have annihilated all the Jews in the world, but I left some of them alive so you will know why I was killing them...,” Ibrahim B. wrote on his Facebook page in December.

Ibrahim, the 29-year-old owner of a hair salon in the city of Wels near Linz, attributed the quote to Hitler and posted a picture of the German dictator on his Facebook site. Ibrahim launched his pro-Nazi tirade in the context of criticizing Israel’s Operation Protective Edge war against Hamas last summer.

Christl described Ibrahim’s statements as merely expressing “displeasure toward Israel,” and not a glorification of Hitler, according to the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten paper.

Ibrahim, whose last name was not disclosed in the Austrian press, also called on Allah to annihilate the Jewish state, the newspaper wrote. The Austrian media said the quote attributed to Hitler was not an actual statement from the Nazi leader.

Well they would know.

Between the Wuppertal case in Germany, in which attempting to burn a synagogue was considered criticism of Israel, and this, it's clear that there is no distinction whatsoever between the most violent and bigoted forms of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.

They are one and the same. Just ask old Adolf. And if you can't find him, ask Ibrahim and Christl.

Meanwhile Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff was dragged into court and convicted for stating the fact that Mohammed was a pedophile.

The judge ruled that Sabaditsch-Wolff committed a crime by stating in her seminars about Islam that the Islamic prophet Mohammed was a pedophile (Sabaditsch-Wolff's actual words were "Mohammed had a thing for little girls.")

The judge rationalized that Mohammed's sexual contact with nine-year-old Aisha could not be considered pedophilia because Mohammed continued his marriage to Aisha until his death. According to this line of thinking, Mohammed had no exclusive desire for underage girls; he was also attracted to older females because Aisha was 18 years old when Mohammed died.

Pointing out a historical fact about Mohammed is a crime. Praising Hitler's murder of Jews is fine if you're a Muslim.

This is what the European legal system now looks like. History repeats itself.