Congressman Elijah Cummings Says Baltimore Riots Could Have Been Worse

"I got to give it to the citizens of Baltimore"


I suppose we ought to be grateful that any part of the city has still been left standing. Take it from Congressman Cummings (D-Racism)

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings said the unrest late Saturday that followed hours of peaceful protests over Freddie Gray's death was caused by a "few people, mainly from out of town."

It was a lot more than a few people. Sure they were from out of town. Same goes for Ferguson. These marches are largely fueled by out of towners. So are most race riots.

Everyone knows how it works. You go wreck someone else's neighborhood and commit crimes in a jurisdiction where no one knows you.

"I got to give it to the citizens of Baltimore," Cummings told Bob Schieffer Sunday on CBS' "Face the Nation." "… There was a few people who said, 'We're going to turn this city down. We're going to close it down,' and the next thing you know we had a few people, mainly from out of town, to come and to start beating up on police cars and throwing all kinds of projectiles."

What are we giving to the citizens of Baltimore again?

He said the situation "could have been worse."

Be grateful. Right?

Cummings, who is considering a run for U.S. Senate, called police-community relations "the civil rights cause for this generation."

How about not getting murdered by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. Can that be a civil rights cause too?

But going forward, Cummings said, the Police Department needs "a top to bottom" review. The U.S. Department of Justice is opening a criminal investigation and civil rights probe into Gray's death as well as undertaking a previously announced "collaborative review" of the agency's use-of-force reports, training procedures and policies.

"We have got to take this department apart and try to figure out what is wrong and what is right," Cummings said. "This is a significant moment … If we don't correct this, it will only get worse."

Are we ever going to get around to taking apart the Democratic Party and political parasites like Cummings to find out what's wrong? Because we know it can only get worse. And it has.