Muslim Invaders of Italy Protest Demanding Free WiFi

Call it the WiFi Jihad.

Free Stuff from Infidels Akbar! Free Stuff from Infidels Akbar!

Call it the WiFi Jihad. Never forget that these poor desperate people are fleeing conditions of unimaginable deprivation where the only WiFi they can get is 802.11B.

Their iPhones are still on iOS 6. iOS 8 is an impossible fantasy for them.

Won't the oppression ever end? First the Muslim invaders entering Italy are getting lasagna instead of their favorite dishes, like beheaded Christian garnished with leftist tears of outrage.

France is giving them three-course specials using imported spices and prepared by chefs trained in middle eastern cuisine.

There will also be 168 power points for them to charge their mobile phones so they can ‘call their relatives back home and those already in Britain’.

The three-course meals will be seasoned with imported spices to make the migrants ‘feel at home’. Incredibly, the meals will cost £2.30 each – three times more than the British Government spends on primary school meals.

A 23-year-old Afghan called Raja said: ‘The facilities are much better here than anything we’d had before. The food is also much better too.

‘I’m really pleased that they have lots of power sockets as I like to speak to my friends in England on the phone and over Facebook.’

Meanwhile the Italians are treating these poor oppressed souls like filthy animals, repressing them with cash cards, instead of cash, and feeding them lasagna instead of spiced goat.

And where's the free WiFi? (via Religion of Peace)

About 300 migrants, guests of Cara (the reception center for asylum seekers) of Sant'Anna di Isola Capo Rizzuto , staged a demonstration and blocked the main road in a sign of protest.

There have been moments of tension when migrants threw stones at the police. One of the demonstrators suffered a mild illness and was accompanied to the hospital by ambulance.

"They want free wifi, demand cash instead of pocket money and forward complaints over the presence in the menu of dishes, like lasagna, they do not like, explained Adnkronos Leonardo Sacco , vice president of the  Nazionale della Misericordie.

This is almost as oppressive as the time that Syrian Muslim settlers in Sweden protested the cold.