Nazi Collaborator George Soros Announces Muslims are the New Jews

There's no point in talking about "new lows" when it comes to George Soros


There's no point in talking about "new lows" when it comes to George Soros, a Nazi collaborator from a self-described anti-Semitic Jewish family, who has spent the time since the Holocaust wreaking havoc on the countries that defeated his Nazi masters while trying to also do as much damage to the Jews as possible.

Soros does most of his dirty work through a vast convoluted network of non-profits that make the Clinton Foundation look like a pawn shop next to But occasionally the King Cobra crawls out of his reeking tunnels to spew some vileness.

This time the twisted financier of the War on the West took to the pages of Time Magazine to claim that the illegal alien Muslims in Burma, aka the Rohingya, are the new Jews. And the Buddhists must be the new Nazis.

"In Aung Mingalar, I heard the echoes of my childhood. You see, in 1944, as a Jew in Budapest, I too was a Rohingya. Much like the Jewish ghettos set up by Nazis around Eastern Europe during World War II, Aung Mingalar has become the involuntary home to thousands of families who once had access to health care, education and employment."

As Soros knows quite well, his analogy is a lie.

No one is exterminating the Rohingya Muslim illegal aliens. They're being treated much the way that unwanted migrants are in every country. They're being treated better than Muslims treat non-Muslims in the Middle East.

Furthermore if Soros were a Rohingya, then the Rohingya would be collaborators rather than victims.

But the true vileness is that Soros, a Nazi collaborator, is exploiting the suffering of Jews that he and his disgusting clan had more than a little hand in, to promote the cause of the original Nazis. The Islamic occupiers who massacred and oppressed the Jews for over a thousand years and whose Islamic clergy urged on the Nazis to kill even more Jews.

Maybe Soros is indeed a Rohingya. Who knew.