De Blasio's Anti-Horse Jihad is Going Really Badly

This is getting into Cruella de Vil territory.

It's been a while ago and we had a bunch of laughs with Bill de Blasio ever since he took office and decided to legalize crime and fight the dangers of moose related accidents in New York City using Sweden's moose-oriented Vision Zero plan. Elderly Chinese men have been beaten and the City Council supported the release of a FALN terrorist.

But forgotten in all the extra people being shot and robbed is Bill de Blasio's original promise to get the carriage horses out of Central Park in his first week in office.

Now it looks like the horses will still be there when Warren Wilhelm is on a boat to Cuba to help Castro ban styrofoam.

Under the cover of budget negotiations, Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to persuade City Council members to pass his proposed ban on Central Park’s carriage horses — but is coming up lame, sources told The Post.

The sources said de Blasio has lined up no more than three definite “yes” votes on the 13-member Transportation Committee, the first step in moving his legislation to the full council for a vote.

This is a City Council that passed a resolution calling for the release of a terrorist from a group that bombed New York City. If de Blasio can't get it there, he can't get it anywhere.

But then again the carriage horse drivers are part of a union. The New York Post and the Daily News have both run vigorous campaigns against Bill de Blasio's horse Jihad. The New York Times probably supports it, but if de Blasio tomorrow announced that he was going to build housing projects out of the bones of homeless people, it would be for it.

Meanwhile Bill de Blasio is banning cars from Central Park while promising to replace the horse carriages which cars. And all of this is convincing no one.

Maybe it's down to the fact that nobody except the guy who bought Bill de Blasio his election using dubious financing and who allegedly has a financial interest in getting rid of their stables actually wants to get rid of the horses.

And he's resorting to ugly means to do it.

A deep-pocketed animal-rights activist paid a team of private eyes to spy on Central Park horse carriage drivers for three months in the hope of catching them breaking the law.

Up to six gumshoes would camp outside Manhattan horse stables at 5:30 a.m. and follow drivers all day, sometimes until after midnight, confirmed Mike Ciravolo, an exec at celebrity investigative firm Beau Dietl & Associates.

The Post revealed in January that horse drivers were concerned about mysterious men in black sedans with video cameras tailing them.

“It was unnerving,” said carriage driver Bryan Northam.

This is getting into Cruella de Vil territory.