Boston Globe: Let's Ban the Massachusets State Flag Because it Confuses Us

"Let's denounce stuff." What are we denouncing? Stuff!

It's time to play a game of "Let's denounce stuff." What are we denouncing? Stuff! Why are we denouncing it? Because we're progressives!

Do we understand what the stuff is? Silence. You sound like a reactionary! We're denouncing stuff in order to denounce stuff. We're getting rid of all the flags. Especially the ones that confuse us. Like the Massachusetts flag.

We don't know what's going on here, but there's an Indian in it so it's probably racist. Here's the Boston Globe.

What exactly is going on here? There’s the blue shield on the white field. And a white five-point star, signifying Massachusetts’ status as one of the first states. So far, pretty standard stuff.

Then it gets weird. On the shield stands a Native American drawn in gold, a bow in one hand, an arrow in the other — its point turned down to signify peacefulness. Or is it surrender?

But wait — what is that right above his head? Why, it’s a disembodied, muscular arm, brandishing a broadsword. And beneath the whole bizarre tableau is a Latin motto which translates to: “By the sword we seek peace, but peace under liberty.”

The Indian represents Massachusetts. It's a Revolutionary War flag. But that's just a technicality for the social justice warrior.

It is hard to read it all together as anything but a flag designed by and for the colonial conquerors who made the Bay State, the ones who won the land — with a short time out for Thanksgiving dinner — by all but eradicating the people who got here first.

Which would be why the Massachusetts state flag was the first to have an Indian on it and why its people chose to have themselves represented that way. Because they're huge racist colonial conquerors.

I mean sure you can point to some purported history of what really happened...

The motto and the sword purportedly refer not to the victory over the native peoples but to the pilgrims’ attitude toward their imperial oppressors in England. Vexillologists (the fancy word for flag scholars) and heraldry nerds will tell you the sword is related to the motto, not to the man on the shield. But that nuance long ago drained from the image, which also appears on the state seal.

History is just nuance. Who really cares what the seal means. Let's just ban it.

"It’s time for the kids to step up again. Or for the grown-ups on Beacon Hill and beyond to take this on."

Considering that there are no grown ups at the Boston Globe, why should there be any there?