The Rockefeller Fund Spent Millions to Make the Iran Deal Happen

Behind every great act of appeasement is a whole lot of dirty money

Behind every great act of appeasement is a whole lot of dirty money and political influence. And some of the usual sources make their appearance here.

Advocating for an Iran truce is a loose coalition of peace groups, think tanks, and former high-ranking U.S. diplomats bound together by millions of dollars given by the Rockefeller family through its $870 million Rockefeller Brothers Fund. The philanthropy, which is run by a board split between family members and outsiders, has spent $4.3 million since 2003 promoting a nuclear pact with Iran, chiefly through the New York-based Iran Project, a nonprofit led by former U.S. diplomats.

The Rockefellers’ Iran foray began in late 2001, after the Sept. 11 attacks. Stephen Heintz, president of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, convened a board retreat at the Rockefellers’ Pocantico Center in Westchester, just north of New York City, to consider new approaches to the Islamic world

But obviously no #47traitors hashtags will be tossed around here. These are the left's official traitors and you know what they say about treason prospering.

A State Department official says the administration welcomes back-channel efforts like the Iran Project’s because “it proves useful both to have knowledgeable former officials and country experts engaging with their counterparts and in reinforcing our own messages when possible.”

More accurately, it allows State to have plausible deniability when their own people on private payrolls conduct their diplomacy.

The Rockefeller fund has given about $3.3 million to the Ploughshares Fund, a San Francisco-based disarmament group that has spent $4 million since 2010 to promote a deal with Iran and shepherded the peace groups and think tanks it supports to back Obama. “We’re trying to leverage our investments to play on our strengths,” says Joseph Cirincione, its president.

The Iran Project isn't subtle about its Rockefeller backing. This was its deal announcement.

The Iran Project is a nongovernmental organization working to promote diplomatic solutions between the United States and Iranian governments. It was founded in 2002 by the United Nations Association of the United States of America and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

The UNAUSA gets funding from the RBF so it's just another way of saying the same thing.


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