Left-Wing Peace Activist Converts to Islam, Plots Live Executions of College Students

On Facebook, the peace activist posted a photo of a dead American soldier


The last time Alexander Ciccolo made the news, he was an environmentalist peace activist campaigning against nuclear power while claiming to be a Lakota Indian.

But the left-wing son of a Boston police captain wasn't satisfied with a generic fake Indian identity. So he went straight to ISIS.

Federal authorities charged the younger Mr. Ciccolo, reportedly obsessed with Islam, with a plot to set off pressure-cooker bombs at college cafeterias. Mr. Ciccolo, who is also known as Ali Al Amriki, was charged with being a felon in possession of firearms. He was taken into custody on gun charges after buying two pistols and two rifles from an undercover FBI confidential informant. Officials reported they found possible bomb-making equipment including a pressure cooker, a variety of chemicals, an alarm clock, along with “attack planning papers” and “jihad” paperwork, according to ABC News.

    NBC News reported he had been under close surveillance and in contact with undercover operatives working with the FBI.

    “The defendant told (an operative) that the attack would be concentrated in the college dorms and cafeteria and would include executions of students broadcast live via the Internet,” according to a detention memo filed by the government and unsealed on Monday, July 13. Mr. Ciccolo’s plans were inspired by ISIS, according to CBS News, and he allegedly said the attack would include executions of students broadcast live online.

That Muslim convert the next dorm over may not just be watching beheading videos out of academic interest. And he was into the Boston Marathon massacre.

According to the affidavit, Ciccolo spoke with a cooperating witness in recorded conversations about his plans to commit acts of terrorism inspired by ISIL, including setting off improvised explosive devices, such as pressure cookers filled with black powder, nails, ball bearings and glass, in places where large numbers of people congregate, such as college cafeterias.  Prior to his arrest, agents observed Ciccolo purchase a pressure cooker similar to that used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

On Facebook, the peace activist posted a photo of a dead American soldier and wrote, "Thank you Islamic State. Now we won't have to deal with these kafir (non-Muslims) back in America."

Of course that kind of attitude neatly overlaps with his left-wing activism so maybe finding common ground with ISIS wasn't that hard.

His college attack plan involved enlisting Muslim collaborators.

"The defendant said that if a student was Muslim, he or she would be permitted to help, sit tight or leave."

...He also said that he would do it before Ramadan was over.

Other Muslim terrorists have likewise freed fellow Muslims or subjected hostages to tests of Islamic knowledge.