"I Never Thought Any of My Books Would be on the Banned Book List"

Welcome to Obama's America

UPDATE: In response to the protests, Amazon appears to have un-banned the book.

Welcome to Obama's America.

Amazon and Walmart are really providing a master class in why monopolies are so dangerous. And Amazon, with its ruthless grip over book sales, has now moved on to overt censorship.

This latest target was a book by Civil War author Michael Dreese. Dreese has written a number of books, including two about battle flags. The one about Union battle flags is titled, "Never Desert the Flag". The one about Confederate flags is titled, "This Flag Never Goes Down."

Amazon, which still sells Hitler's Mein Kampf, decided to ban the second book

Michael Dreese is an author from Kreamer who writes non-fiction historical books that center around the battle of Gettysburg. So far he’s written six books, including two about both the Union and Confederate battle flags and their roles in the Civil War.

“They were the primary means of communication. The battlefield could be a very smoky, noisy, confusing atmosphere,” Dreese said.

Recently Dreese got an email from Amazon regarding his book “This Flag Never Goes Down.” The book is about the Confederate battle flag. Amazon asked Dreese to take down the listing.

“It was kind of surprising at first. Being a nonfiction historical writer, I never thought any of my books would be on the banned book list,” Dreese said.

Welcome to the glorious new age of political correctness where your book too can be banned by a company that keeps losing money while gobbling up other companies to show how progressive it is.

While Amazon does dominate a giant chunk of the book market, the Gettysburg Museum of History chose to respond by advertising the book as "Banned by Amazon."

There are two obvious lessons here

1. Avoid doing business with Amazon and other monopolies where possible. Having one company control everything is a formula for tyranny.

2. Liberals are giving us a preview of what they intend to do to the country. Everything up till now has only been the tip of the iceberg. The real totalitarian stuff, censorship, political repression, is in its infancy.

Churchill urged crushing Bolshevism in its cradle. The West failed to do that and the left killed millions and nearly destroyed civilization. Now it's launching its next attack. If we don't crush it in its cradle, we are going to fondly remember these days when it was actually still possible to read anything the authorities didn't approve of.