Kerry: "You Can't Just Ship Nukes", Pakistan, "Yes You Can"

Kerry knows all about how it works.

Unless you're a terrorist state, this administration isn't good for much. But it is always good for some unintentional comedy. Forget Caligula's horse joining the Roman Senate. The Democrats made their horse a Secretary of State.

And he's the funniest talking horse since Mr. Ed.

Kerry downplayed the likelihood that Iran's neighbors would work to get their own nuclear weapons.

"Well first of all, you can't just go out and buy a nuclear weapon. You don't ship them FedEx," Kerry quipped. "That's just not how it works."

Kerry knows all about how it works. That's how Iran got 24 days plus to cover up work at a nuclear site. No one just ships nuclear equipment and plans to countries. That's not how it works.

The break for American intelligence operatives tracking Abdul Qadeer Khan's nuclear network came in the wet August heat in Malaysia, as five giant cargo containers full of specialized centrifuge parts were loaded into one of the nondescript vessels that ply the Straits of Malacca.

Spy satellites tracked the shipment as it wended its way to Dubai, where it was relabeled ''used machinery'' and transferred to a German-owned ship, the BBC China. When it headed through the Suez Canal, bound for Libya, the order went out from Washington to have it seized, according to accounts from American officials.

That seizure led to the unraveling of a trading network that sent bomb-making designs and equipment to at least three countries -- Iran, North Korea and Libya -- and has laid bare the limits of international controls on nuclear proliferation.

Yesterday, President Bush proposed to enhance that system by restricting the production of nuclear fuel to a few nations.

Boo Bush! Where are the WMDs? Apparently on board the BBC China.

''First, he exploits a fragmented market and develops a quite advanced nuclear arsenal. Then he throws the switch, reverses the flow and figures out how to sell the whole kit, right down to the bomb designs, to some of the world's worst governments.''

Can the Saudis just buy a nuclear program? Considering that they have far more influence in Pakistan than Iran, North Korea and Libya combined... the magic nuke ball points to "Yes."

Maybe Kerry should rush over to negotiate a nuclear deal with the Saudis in which the US will help them develop a nuclear program if they pinkie swear not to turn it into a weapons program. It worked for Iran, why not Saudi Arabia, Egypt and every other country in the region that's going nuclear in response to Obama's nuclear sellout for Iran.