Here's How the New York Times Keeps a Baseless Racial Story Alive

The left never admits that it lied

The left never admits that it lied, that its claims were baseless and that it's just pursuing racial divisiveness for political power. Michael Brown is still a martyr and Ferguson is still a hotbed of racism despite the fact that the case was thoroughly shot down. The autopsy of Sandra Bland showed the case was baseless.

So the left just doubles down.

Loretta Lynch, the new Eric Holder, is talking about "policing techniques" and the "frustration of minority communities." Just as with the Michael Brown case, having their lies disproved doesn't even give them pause.

Meanwhile the New York Times is showing how to keep a baseless racial story alive with its latest story, "Racial Divide Persists in Texas County Where Sandra Bland Died". What does the supposed racial divide have to do when there's no actual proof of wrongdoing?

Just pound the table. Offer lots of references to the Civil Rights Act. Blather aimlessly about divisions and tensions. Just don't talk about the fact that you have no case.

Buried somewhere near the bottom we get a little glimpse of how weak the latest Ferguson case is.

Detractors charge that the sheriff’s chain of command is lily-white; while Sheriff Smith said he could not immediately give a racial breakdown of his 85-member staff, one of his four top deputies is black. On the morning that Ms. Bland died, he said, all three jailers on duty were black or Hispanic. He acknowledges the jail’s failures to protect Ms. Bland by not placing her on a suicide watch, not checking on her in person and leaving her with a plastic trash bag that became the makeshift noose from which she was found hanging. Those appear to reflect a more general pattern; state inspectors also cited failings in 2012 when a white inmate hanged himself with a bedsheet.

And that's what we've got. Nothing. But more table pounding. More #BlackLivesMatters charades of vulnerability and "poor me, I could be shot by a cop any minute". More racism on demand.