Here's a Brief List of Muslim Arson Attacks on Israeli Jews This Week

There's no outrage. It's just life everyday under the shadow of Islamic hatred.

The Jewish Press has a list of arson, stone throwing and other attacks by Muslims in Israel against Jews just this week. In these 60 Muslim attacks, 22 people were injured. I've just excerpted the arson attacks.

Thursday – July 30

10:40 Muslims threw Molotov cocktails at Israeli vehicles near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion

Wednesday – July 29

Muslims threw firebombs and stones at police in Jerusalem’s Isiwiya neighborhood

12:22  Muslims threw an explosive device at the Tomb of Rachel. The worshipers were taken away and a police sapper on his way to the scene (Tazpit News Agency)

Tuesday – July 28

0:23 Muslims threw firebombs at homes in Ma’aleh Olives in Jerusalem’s Old City

19:59 Muslims firebombed military vehicles on the Gilad raod in the Shomron

Monday – July 27

0:23 A fire broke out in the town of Psagot Benjamin after Muslimss threw multiple firebombs at homes

21:37 Muslims threw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli vehicles near the settlement of Ma’ale Adumim

11:10 Muslim terrorists imprisoned in jail, ignited a fire in one of the cells. 11 prison guards and two inmates were injured moderately easy to smoke inhalation, one of the guards was evacuated to a medical center.

11:09 The fire broke out in Elon Moreh was renewed. Three firefighters working there.

Sunday – July 26

19:04 Two policemen were wounded by a Molotov cocktail thrown by Muslim rioters in Isiwiya

18:00 Muslims set fire to a forest fire in Gush Etzion hills. Six planes and six firefighters with volunteers were in place.

16:30 Elon forest fire flared up again. Eight firefighters and six aircraft were in place. Two mobile homes were burned down

14:11 Muslims threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Border Police in Isiwiya

Friday – July 24

21:20 Firefighters arrived to extinguish a fire in Isiwiya Jerusalem, a confrontation between police and Muslim rioters. Number of people shut down affected by tear gas, and two of them were evacuated to a medical center for further treatment.

This doesn't make the headlines. It's not a breaking news story. There's no outrage. It's just life everyday under the shadow of Islamic hatred. And while none of this was that bad, it's just one week.

Here's what Muslim arson terror looks like.

“It became a phenomenon since last year,” he continued. “Especially very close to the Arab villages and on the north side of Jerusalem.”  In total there have been 80 such attempts in this area alone during the first 23 days of the past month alone Abras says.

“On this [the Ofrit] base, around and inside the base we found about 15 attempts [this month],” Abras details. The Hashalom Forest–or the Peace Forest– has been the target of 20 such attacks in the same time span.

“They call it a peace forest but there is no peace there,” Abras says, explaining the ease with which someone can set fire to the verdant landscape.

“They can stand on the hill and throw downhill a burning tire. You don’t need more than two men, one burning tire and matches,” he explains.

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood personally tried to start one such fire.

The leader of a major Muslim movement in Israel is suspected of setting fire to a forest less than three months after the worst fire in modern Israeli history. Sheikh Ra'ad Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, has been arrested in connection to an arson attack in southern Israel.

Salah allegedly set fire to a Eucalyptus forest in southern Israel. The attack was allegedly in protest of a Jewish National Fund project in the area.

The worst such fire may have been the Carmel forest fire of 2010, whose causes remain obscure, which killed 44 people.