Obama Gets Serious About ISIS, Sends Terrorists to Therapist

You plot to behead Americans. You go right to the therapist's office.

Finally Obama is cracking down on ISIS. No more Mr. Nice Appeaser.

You plot to behead Americans. You go right to the therapist's office.

The FBI is now referring some potential terror suspects for psychological counseling as part of a new touchy-feely strategy to defeat homegrown Islamic State supporters.

Rather than lock up everyone in the U.S. suspected of potential terrorist activity, the FBI will direct up to 10% of the thousands of people under investigation to the shrink’s couch, where they can rehash the indignities of their childhoods that led them to seek retribution by opening fire on crowds of innocents or blowing up jetliners.

Proponents of the plan told the Wall Street Journal.it will ease the FBI’s investigative burden and provide a possible “off ramp” from radicalization for some of the thousands of people in the U.S. interested in joining ISIS, especially minors.

Well we're going Full Europe now.

We have thousands of Muslims being investigated for terrorist activities and we're overbooked and so liberal that we're just sending a bunch of them to therapy. Fast forward a year from now where one of Dr. Sigmund Obama's unsuccessful cases kills a bunch of people on the way out.

A Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman told reporters that the agency is working closely with the FBI and believes “successful interventions will be ones conducted with the appropriate participation of community leaders, educators, mental health professionals, religious leaders, parents, peers and law enforcement, depending on the specific circumstances.”

Because the one thing Muslim terrorists need is more religious leaders in their life.