Illegal Alien Drug Dealer Who Broke Toddler's Arms and Legs Freed

"Undocumented immigrant undocumented pharmacist set free in measure to protect civil rights."


Wait. Let's politically correctize that. "Undocumented immigrant undocumented pharmacist set free in measure to protect civil rights." This is life under the sanctuary state in a sanctuary nation.

A California toddler fighting for her life Thursday after a brutal beating at the hands of an illegal immigrant with a long criminal record is the latest case to rile California sheriffs and police against a U.S. immigration policy they say is forcing them to release dangerous criminals out on the street.

Francisco Javier Chavez, the live-in boyfriend of the unidentified two-year-old's mother, is out on bail after being charged in the late July attack, which left the San Luis Obispo County girl with two broken arms, a broken femur, a compressed spine, a urinary tract infection and a fever of 107 degrees. Chavez's criminal record includes assault and drug convictions and arrests for violent acts including kidnapping, car jacking and cruelty to a child.

A disgusted San Luis Obispo Sheriff Ian Parkinson told Chavez should have been locked away or deported long before he had the chance to inflict "horrific injuries" on the little girl, but said conflicting federal policies leave his department handcuffed. Instead, Chavez is now free, awaiting a court date for which he may not even show up.

Maybe Macy's can give him a job. Chavez should have been deported long ago. But Obama lies when he claims that his illegal alien amnesty keeps families together while deporting criminals.

This is how Obama keeps families together.

A man arrested in Paso Robles on charges of beating his girlfriend's toddler to the point she had to be hospitalized, was released from custody despite a request from immigration officials to hold him.

Francisco Javier Chavez, 27, from Mexico, is no stranger to San Luis Obispo County.

The undocumented immigrant was arrested by Paso Robles police for allegedly beating his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter.  The toddler was left with broken arms and legs, a compressed spine, a 107-degree fever, and a bladder infection, officials say. It was enough to land Chavez behind bars.

But since 2006, Chavez has committed several crimes. According to San Luis Obispo County Superior Court records, Chavez’s crimes range from not following traffic signals to assault with a deadly weapon and drug trafficking.

Just another DREAMER dreaming of a little drug dealing, assault and child abuse. I'm sorry, that should be undocumented pharmaceutical activities, refusal to accept tone policing in all matters including child-rearing.