J Street U's New Student Board President is an Anti-Israel Muslim

"Jewish State should also acknowledge the 20% that's not Jewish. #1 name in Israel was Muhammed"


The whole point of setting up a J Street U was to have a Jewashed SJP. An anti-Israel student group with a Jewish front that would also claim to be pro-Israel. Its leftist activists could yell at Jewish leaders that they're alienating the "youth".

Turning it into a vocal "Smash the Occupation" group with a Muslim leader just makes it SJP. But when your organization pretends to represent Jewish youth, when it's really a puppet of a senile Nazi collaborating billionaire, why not go ahead and jump the shark.

When Hillel's Eric Fingerhut showed up to praise J Street for opposing BDS (it doesn't. It's had BDSers over at its conferences), he was taunted by the organization demanding that he talk about the "occupation". According to J Street, the best way to fight BDS is by fighting Israel.

And really this was the only purpose for ever inviting him. If Fingerhut were smarter, he would have known that.

With that circus concluded, J Street U appointed an anti-Israel Muslim to be  President of the J Street U National Student Board.

Sure this kind of ruins the whole Jewashing that J Street depends on to pretend it's not anti-Israel, but according to J Street U, Amna Farooqi, a Pakistani Muslim is pro-Israel, in the same sense that J Street U is pro-Israel.

The incoming 2015 J Street U president Amna Farooqi made the point quite clearly at the SLI gathering, during the Question and Answer session following Fingerhut’s address: “We are not here to talk about the pro-Israel conversation on campus. We are here to talk about the occupation.”

In fact, Farooqi announced at the event that 2015 for J Street U is going to be all about their favorite topic: “year – long anti occupation work.”

So we've got the bizarre spectacle of Farooqi lecturing Jewish leaders on alienating young Jews by being too Jewish and too pro-Israel.

And we've got a Pakistani Muslim "Zionist" who will help Israel by campaigning against it and denying that Muslim anti-Semitism exists on campus.

Farooqi retweeted a message saying, "Wonder how many American Jews hear of the horror inflicted on Gaza this summer?"

Then bizarrely she tweeted that Netanyahu has no mandate to speak for Jews.

"#Bibi cannot claim any mandate to speak for Jews in the United States. #BibiDoesntSpeakForMe."

Another of her tweets states, "Wonder what Bibi would say if Palestinians applied his Iran logic to their situation "We must stop aggression at all costs" #BibiSpeech"

Not to mention ominous stuff like this. "Every movement exercises a range of acts of resistance" @nsheizaf @jstreetu #JSTUECRW


"@Ben_Spinoza @AnarchoZionist right, the Jewish State should also acknowledge the 20% that's not Jewish. #1 name in Israel was Muhammed"

Can I just say I'm really looking forward to Hatem Bazian replacing Jeremy ben Ami. It can mean a whole new era as J Street openly becomes what it was all along. An anti-Israel group without the Jewwashing.

Say it loud, say it proud. J Street U is just SJP with better branding.