Jill Jacobs and T'ruah Want Legal Aid for Al Qaeda, not for Israel Jews

For the left, legal aid should only go to the people they support.


The left has turned defending Al Qaeda terrorists into a moral obligation. The lawyers who flocked to defend an organization responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Americans are treated as civil liberties heroes. Even terror lawyers like Stanley Cohen and Lynne Stewart, who openly sympathized with their terrorist clients, became popular liberal causes when they were prosecuted.

But while defending Muslim terrorists is a civil liberties cause for the left, defending Jews in Israel accused of attacking Muslims, often without any actual evidence as has happened recently, is not just a crime, but terrorism.

That's the theme of a recent JTA hit piece promoting an attack on Honenu, Israel's leading civil rights organization. The attack comes from T'ruah aka Rabbis for Human Rights, a radical left-wing group whose Israeli branch has been accused of staging Muslim confrontations with Jewish farmers to drive them off their land and whose American branch (which has since split off) which launches constant attacks on Israel. The group has been accused of ties to ISM, colloquially known as "I Support Murderers" for its support of terrorism against Israel.

Jill Jacobs, the head of T'ruah, has just signed a letter in support of the Iran deal which will put billions in the pockets of Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. Jill Jacobs also signed a letter in support of the terrorists imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay speaking of the "desperation and hopelessness felt by many of the detainees" of the murderous Jihadists inside.

Jacobs insisted that Jews needed to “repent” before Muslim terrorists and whined last year that her fellow liberal clergy were afraid to attack Israel “because they get slammed by their right-wing congregants”. She has accused Jews living in Jerusalem of being “settlers” and advocates an apartheid that excludes Jews from living in those parts of the Holy City which were under Muslim occupation.  

Jill Jacobs does not advocate against Muslims living in Jerusalem. Only against Jews living in Jerusalem.

Her organization T'ruah, is as anti-American as it is anti-Israel, which is proved by campaigning frantically on behalf of the Gitmo terrorists, urging its irreligious clergy to speak about the plight of the suffering terrorists on the Sabbath.

But while Jill Jacobs supports every possible legal remedy for Muslim terrorists who want to kill Americans, she opposes legal aid for Israeli Jews accused of crimes.

The radical left-wing organization claims that Honenu is doing what the PLO is "accused of doing" by providing "incentives" and "support" to terrorists. That's a hypocritical attack from a left-wing organization that would be militantly opposed to ending forced taxpayer support for the PLO.

If Jill Jacobs and her ilk really believe that Honenu is like the PLO, shouldn't she be advocating that the US send Honenu hundreds of millions of dollars a year in aid?

Some of the people that Honenu represents, like that of any other legal aid organization, are obviously guilty. For the most part though the organization steps in to stop abuses by the left which controls the justice system in Israel.

Abuses like this.

In a highly unusual action Thursday, police surrounded and raided a high-level meeting of rabbis and public leaders that was convened to develop a strategy regarding the recent wave of administrative detentions of Jewish nationalists. Police have thus far arrested arrested four participants who they say were distanced from Judea and Samaria.

Participants in the event reported that police have been erasing videos from the cellphones of participants who were recording the raid, under the pretext that there are members of the Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shin Bet) present.

The head of legal aid organization Honenu, Shmuel “Zangi” Medad, who is also at the event, said that the police has “gone crazy.” “It seems that a conference against administrative detention orders is also something the police does not like. I regret to say that the police is receiving orders to operate as if there are no limits to power and no limits to resources.”

If this involved Muslims, Jill Jacobs and T'ruah would be outraged. Since it involves Jews, they are instead demanding that legal aid access to them be shut down.

It's not actually hypocrisy since Jill Jacobs and T'ruah never believed that all people deserve a right to legal counsel. Their double standard makes it clear that they believe Muslim terrorists deserve legal counsel and Jews don't.

For the left, legal aid should only go to the people they support.

T'ruah complaint recycles old allegations from a decade or more ago against Honenu. The timing of the attack makes it clear that this isn't about the old stuff or about support for families, it's about attempts to shut down the access of defendants to legal aid at a crucial time today.

And Jill Jacobs and T'ruah should be held accountable for the hypocrisy of supporting legal aid for Al Qaeda and opposing it for Jews.

Anyone who wants to support Honenu's civil rights activity against the abuses of the radical left can make a donation to the organization at its website.