"Free Dolphin from Hamas" Rally Demands Release of Dolphin

"From the river to the sea, all dolphins shall be free"

Last month, Hamas claimed that it had captured an Israeli "spy dolphin" off the coast of Gaza after it was caught engaging in "suspicious movements". I'm not sure what those are, but then I'm not a meth-smoking Koran-reading Islamic Supremacist terrorist leader trying to find another press release to email off to Al Jazeera.

The dolphin was supposed to be armed with harpoons which sounds like maybe some dolphin scientists have decided to get revenge on the humans. The current fate of the dolphin is unknown, but a rally to free him was held in Berlin.

Its slogan is From the River to the Sea, All the Dolphins Shall be Free #freedolphinfromhamas.

Other slogans include, "Better a dolphin in the pool, than Hamas in the kitchen" and "No Dolphin Left Behind".

"Come on Friday to join with many dolphin solidarity and Zionist friends together to demand the release of our floating comrades . He has been in captivity of terrorists for far too long -we are not even sure if he gets enough water. Or worse: Perhaps they are even Waterboarding him."