Muslims Attack Holocaust Survivors: "Dirty Jews. Your Property is Ours"

This is the outcome of Muslim immigration.


Muslim settlers are Europe's New Nazis. They have far higher rates of anti-Semitic views than the native population. And much higher rates of anti-Semitic violence. In fact the flood of "Syrian refugees" can be thought of as a new Nazi invasion of Europe.

And while Jews are sometimes the first to suffer in line with the Muslim saying, "First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people", they certainly aren't the last.

Here's what the new Nazis are doing to Jews in Holland.

Samuel (87) and Diana (86) Blug, two elderly Holocaust survivors, fell victim to a vicious and violent anti-Semitic attack at their home in Holland a month ago.

The Blugs say two men, who looked to be of Moroccan descent, knocked on the door to their apartment, claiming to be the police and demanding entrance.

As soon as Samuel opened the door, the nightmare began. Two men dressed in black barged into the apartment and started severely beating the couple.

The assailants threw the couple on the floor, kicked them repeatedly and shouted: "Dirty Jews - from now on your property is ours."

After tying up the badly injured couple, the thieves ripped Diana's jewelry off her body. At gunpoint, they forced the couple to tell them where the rest of the valuables in the apartment were located.

When Diana, who grew up in Paris and survived the Auschwitz death camp, had trouble removing one of her rings from her fingers – she told NIW she was too stressed to get it off immediately – one of the men threatened to cut off her finger and called her and her husband “dirty Jews,” she said.

Samuel was blinded in the assault and suffered a broken femur. Both he and Diana, who were living independently before the attack, are now confined to wheelchairs at a rehabilitation center in Amsterdam.

"Those bastards have destroyed our lives," Samuel said in tears to Yedioth Ahronoth. "I have severe pain. I'm completely broken inside," Diana added.

Europe has an aging Jewish population and a young Muslim population ensuring there will be many more such cases.

The couple sits at the table in a rehabilitation ward with a plate of beans and mashed potatoes. They have been there for just a few days, after three weeks in hospital because of their injuries.

"I can't eat this," Diana says as she looks at her plate. "Food does not interest me. I have such pain. I'm broken inside."

Samuel barely takes a bite. He is almost blind since that black day when two men disguised as police invaded his apartment. Until then they functioned independently. Now they are both in wheelchairs, walking is impossible.

Samuel's eyes tear. Diana tells of how on that particular afternoon, there was a call at the door: "I told my husband do not open the door, but he did it anyway."

I stood behind my husband. They pushed us roughly inside. My head collided against the wall.

Samuel said "Do not beat my wife, hit me."

"They had an Arab, Moroccan appearance, but she spoke fluent Dutch," Diana says.

Diana grew up in Paris. During the war the family was betrayed and arrested. Diana with her ​​mother, twin brother and another brother were transported to Birkenau and then to Auschwitz when she was thirteen.

Only Diana and her mother survived the horrors. She shows the number on her arm. "And on my stomach I have scars from the dog that bit me in the camp because I did not run fast enough."

"She says that after the men had left, she managed to roll onto the balcony, where she called for help. Then the police, the ambulance and the fire brigade came and we were taken to the hospital."

"They said, 'If you say anything to the cops, I'll shoot you. " I'm so scared."

This is the outcome of Muslim immigration.