Those 800,000 "Refugees" will Make Muslims 10% of Germany's Young Male Population

2 million Muslims in Germany are under 30

You may have heard that Germany will be taking in 800,000 migrants this year. That's a lot of people, but we'll be told that it's only 1 percent of the country's 80 million people.

1 percent isn't so bad? Right.

But you don't measure immigrant impact by total population, but by contextual population.

Germany does have 80 million, but 16 million of those are senior citizens. Another 11 million are 55 and over.

Most of the refugees are young men. They're going to be fitting into the 15-24 age cohort. And Germany only has 8.5 million of those. Only 4.3 million of those are men.

These are rough 'back of the envelope' calculations. The refugees do include some women and children. But then again Germany already has a sizable number of Muslims that is estimated as approaching 5 million. Demographically Muslim settlers tend to be younger than the native population. That appears to be true in Germany.

The median age for Muslims in Europe was 32. The median age for Europeans is 40. An older source lists the average age of Muslims in Germany as 34 and non-Muslims as 48. This is a much bigger gap. 39 percent of Muslims in Germany are under 30.

These calculations are crude back of the envelope stuff using mixed data, but that would suggest that 2 million Muslims in Germany are under 30. Their numbers are about to be inflated by less than a third just this year.

Germany's young Muslim migrant population already skews sharply male. So do the new "refugees". But the Muslim population, due to polygamy, social services exploitation and female servitude, also skews very sharply with many children.

What percentage of the young male population in Germany will be Muslim? It's hard to arrive at a definitive figure, but even the most generous (to German demographics) scenarios would put it at 10 percent.

But the catastrophe is accelerating because Germany's population is skewing older. As Muslim migration continues, the new settlers will become a majority of the young male population with all that implies about crime, terrorism and a basic takeover of the country.