Jordan Queen: If Europe Doesn't Take Muslim Refugees, They'll Turn into Terrorists

Take a few million of these people... or they'll turn into terrorists and kill you.


From the "If you don't go out on a date with me, I'll kill you and your whole family" school of propositioning.

Take a few million of these people... or they'll turn into terrorists and kill you. And hope they don't do that anyway. At which point you'll be stuck with a whole lot of terrorists anyway.

Jordan’s Queen Rania has used a speech in Berlin today to call upon Europe to help more Syrian refugees – and not to ‘bolt the door for fear of the unknown’.

That's a great speech coming from the queen of a country that refuses to give its own "Palestinians" citizenship. Europe isn't supposed to "bolt the door for fear of the unknown". That's a privilege reserved for her Hashemite kingdom.

But then again she and her husband know exactly what they're bolting the door against. Europe isn't supposed to.

The royal, who has consistently spoken out about the perils of extremism, also warned that refusing to help could lead to a ‘disillusioned generation’ who would prove easy prey for terrorist recruiters.

‘Denying refugees their basic rights risks creating a defeated and disillusioned generation,’ she said, ‘who, at their most desperate, could be susceptible to extremists’ ideology.’

Jordan is currently home to an estimated 1.4 million refugees – 20 per cent of the country’s population – many of whom are living in camps close to the Middle Eastern country’s northern border.

Jordan, which denies refugees basic rights, is warning Germany not deny them basic rights. Jordan doesn't want to take in their own people. They want Europe to do it. And Queen Rania is warning Europe that if it doesn't take in a whole lot of Muslims... they'll turn to terrorism.

But their turning to terrorism is what this whole war is all about. The key players on the Sunni and Shiite side are terrorists. And they aren't disillusioned. They're idealists who believe in a utopia of Islamic theocracy built on the corpses of non-Muslims and Muslims of the wrong sects.

They will bring that idealism with them to Europe... as they already have.

And Queen Rania ought to know, as Jordan has some of the highest rates of support for terrorism in the region. Has her husband created a "disillusioned generation"? Or are we not supposed to ask questions like that of the pampered tyrants condescendingly lecturing democratic countries on obligations they themselves don't want to fulfill.

Praising her hosts’ efforts, Queen Rania, who earlier thanked Chancellor Merkel for her ‘inspirational leadership’, added:

‘They [the German people] are imagining what the refugees have endured and what they have lost.

‘How exhausted they must be after long and dangerous journeys. They are imagining the anxiety of a mother clutching her baby. Or the bewilderment of a grandfather who doesn’t speak German.

Just think of the anxious mother clutching her baby... being deported from Jordan. As Jordan has been doing to Palestinian Muslim refugees fleeing Syria. And think of the grandfather who has been living all his life in Jordan, has always spoken Arabic, but can't get his civil rights because Queen Rania's husband doesn't want to be overthrown by the Muslim Brotherhood.

But she also spoke of her concern about the increasing interchangeability of the words ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ and said doing so is fueling extremism.

‘Rather than evoke an unprecedented tide of human kindness, some segments of society have, instead, unleashed a new and ugly lexicon in our news-feeds,’ she said.

‘Where once the word refugee rightly aroused feelings of empathy and compassion, now, refugees and migrants have been merged.

‘Stripped of their true definitions, they are referred to with blunt pejoratives, as if some lives have lesser value than others. Invaders. Marauding foreigners. And worse.

Are we really getting lectures about marauders and invading foreigners from the wife of a ruler that piles people into refugee camps and then tries to dump them on Europe?

Would Queen Rania care to discuss Jordan's nationality law which denies citizenship to children if the mother is Jordanian, but the father isn't? How about the half a million stateless children in Jordan?

Can we strip that of its true definition and address the condescending lies that the queen is spewing to gullible Europeans?

Instead, she said, the world must ‘follow the example’ of her late father-in-law King Hussein of Jordan who insisted that the country become a haven to those who need it.

That must be why King Hussein insisted on denying them citizenship. Like the secret side-effect of the Israeli PLO peace process which deprived 1.5 million Muslim "Palestinians" living in '67 Israel of their citizenship. That was when King Hussein decided that some lives have less value than others.

Or that the grandchildren of Palestinians in Jordan should remain stateless. Or the way that Queen Rania's husband treats them as invaders and marauders.

Please, Europeans take all the Muslims that Jordan doesn't want. And then listen to a lecture from the pampered queen about how racist you are for not taking them all.