Hamas Attacks School Bus, CNN Headline, "Palestinians Shot Boarding Kids' Bus"

"Palestinian Knife Attacked by Israeli Neck"

After the next Muslim stabbing of a Jew, I expect to see a headline, "Palestinian Knife Attacked by Israeli Neck".

The CNN story isn't even particularly egregious. It's the headline that once again erases the Jewish victims and puts the emphasis on the Muslim attackers as the victims. The headline has since been changed to the more accurate, "Armed Palestinians shot after trying to board bus with children on board".

Two Palestinian men armed with knives tried to board a bus carrying children in Israel but were forced back by people inside the vehicle, police said.

After being kept off the bus, the Palestinians stabbed an Israeli man at a bus stop in the city of Beit Shemesh, west of Jerusalem, said police spokeswoman Luba Samri.

Police officers shot the two attackers, wounding both of them, she said. They and the Israeli they stabbed were hospitalized, and one of the Palestinians later died of his wounds.

But by then the initial damage had been done as viewers of the Benghazi hearings were left with the impression that Israel had shot some Muslim kids for trying to board a school bus. When the situation was the exact opposite.

An initial police investigation found that the two terrorists had tried to board a bus carrying children on Yehezkel Street in Ramat Beit Shemesh, but stopped after the children aboard yelled at them.

After receiving reports of two suspicious men in the area, Beit Shemesh police arrived on the scene and witnessed the two terrorists stabbing a man near the bus station. They reacted quickly, firing on the terrorists and neutralizing them.

According to an eyewitness, after the bus driver shut the door on the terrorists, they moved in the direction of the synagogue.

"At that point, I saw a police car coming up the road, and I ran in its direction and signaled the police inside," the eyewitness, Yinon, told Army Radio.

"The policeman hadn't gotten out when the terrorists attacked the first man who came out of the synagogue. The police ran after after them and shot from a distance of 50 meters," Yinon added, noting he called MDA while police neutralized the terrorists.

So CNN cleaned up the original story to some extent, but let's break down what happened here.

Hamas terrorists (for some reason CNN fails to identify them as such) tried to stab Israeli kids. Then they tried to attack a synagogue. CNN though uses that as the intro to the usual cycle of violence narrative, the accidental Eritrean casualty during a terrorist attack on a bus station which is being played up endlessly, without dealing with the kind of mindset that deliberately targets acts of mass murder against a bus full of children and a synagogue.