Leftist Loses Mind When Accused of Supporting Muslim Migrants for Emotional Reasons

Either you share his emotions or you're evil.


Simon Schama's breakdown on Question Time is a thing of horrid beauty. He shakes with outrage, waves his finger as if it were a baton of self-righteousness and quivers all over. The entire video is a showcase of leftist madness in which Schama's breakdown is the key moment.

Accused of putting emotion ahead of reason, the leftist Schama can only answer the charge with more emotion. He can't rationally defend his position. Neither can anyone else. The madness concludes with a woman explaining that you can't oppose migrants because we all migrated from Africa in the slow mindless tone of voice that suggests she's either a schoolteacher or a career bureaucrat.



I've written before that a lot of the social justice causes are really just narcissism. The "rights selfie" in which activists are lovingly photographed weeping over some issue is the absolute nadir of this phenomenon. People taking their own pictures as a narcissistic display of how much they care.

That's all Simon Schama, despite his background as a historian, can do. He doesn't have a rational argument. He has an emotional one. If you're a "good person", you'll support him. If you don't, you're a "bad person". Either you share his emotions or you're evil. That's not an argument. That's a mental illness.

There's no serious interest on the part of the pro-migrants here in grappling with what's really going on in Syria. Or who the migrants really are. They want to show off their moral outrage. This is just politicised narcissism, which is what drives most of the social justice activism these days.