Jimmy Carter Shills for Iran, Putin, Assad

The only surprise here is that Carter hasn't actually backed ISIS.

The easy guide to geopolitics is, if Jimmy Carter wants it, it's wrong.

Jimmy Carter's reflexive instinct is to find an anti-American dictator or terrorist group to support. Not so much because he understands the issues, but because his understanding of every issue boils down to blaming America. In his latest New York Times op-ed, he takes the side of Syria, Iran and Russia mainly because it allows him to blame the conflict on America.

But first, Carter has to brag about how close he is to the guy who was helping Al Qaeda murder American soldiers in Iraq not that long ago.

I HAVE known Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria, since he was a college student in London, and have spent many hours negotiating with him since he has been in office... Bashar and his father, Hafez, had a policy of not speaking to anyone at the American Embassy during those periods of estrangement, but they would talk to me.

Isn't Jimmy Carter awesome? Dictators just love Jimmy. They'll talk to him when they won't talk to anyone else. He's like some sort of dictator whisperer.

"I noticed that Bashar never referred to a subordinate for advice or information. His most persistent characteristic was stubbornness; it was almost psychologically impossible for him to change his mind — and certainly not when under pressure."

Well that's that then. Assad is one of those stubborn dictators. Time for everyone to just give in to him. That's the Carter way.

Then Carter talks up "harmonious relations" between all the groups in Syria under Assad. Because Carter just has to Carter... while ignoring actual history. He talks about how good the Jews had it in Syria ignoring the...

1. Mass murders of Jews

2. Seizure of Jewish homes to house "Palestinian" Muslims

3. Seizure of Jewish synagogues and schools for Muslim use

4. Stamping Musawi, Follower of Moses, on their identity cards (Syria is as much of a secular regime as any other Muslim country.)

Carter knows this quite well because he was in power at the time and Jewish groups repeatedly raised the issue with him. So he's deliberately lying while covering up the anti-Semitism of a Muslim ally. Again.

Then Carter claims that most Jews support Assad. Even though there are around 50 of them left in the country and they live under the shadow of the secret police.

Later, I questioned President Putin about his support for Mr. Assad, and about his two sessions that year with representatives of factions from Syria. He replied that little progress had been made, and he thought that the only real chance of ending the conflict was for the United States and Russia to be joined by Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia in preparing a comprehensive peace proposal. He believed that all factions in Syria, except the Islamic State, would accept almost any plan endorsed strongly by these five, with Iran and Russia supporting Mr. Assad and the other three backing the opposition. With his approval, I relayed this suggestion to Washington.

In short, Carter jumped aboard the Putin express. Which is the least surprising revelation ever. The press release about the Carter Center providing Putin with ISIS maps (because somehow the Carter Center has better intel than Moscow) was an obvious publicity stunt. And made it obvious that Carter is now working with Putin.

After State explicitly disavowed the Assad or ISIS formula used by Putin, Carter echoes it. Carter has interfered in the foreign policy of every administration, but he's somehow managed to get on the anti-American left of Obama and Kerry.

And that's no small achievement.

Iran outlined a general four-point sequence several months ago, consisting of a cease-fire, formation of a unity government, constitutional reforms and elections.

Yes, Jimmy Carter is now endorsing an Iranian peace deal for Syria.

 Mr. Assad’s governing authority could then be ended in an orderly process, an acceptable government established in Syria

Except that Carter's opening premise is that Assad is too stubborn to leave. And certainly Assad won't leave. Carter had told us that himself. So now he's promising something that contradicts his own premise. Which tells you that not only is Carter lying, but he's gotten to the point where he has trouble keeping track of his lies.

As I've said all along, every side in the Syrian war is bad. Every side is anti-American and supports terrorists.

The only surprise here is that Carter hasn't actually backed ISIS. But give him time...