Bernie Sanders Reassures Muslim Who Said "Islam and Civil Rights Issues are Mutually Exclusive"

Why is Bernie Sanders exploiting the Holocaust to support someone who supports the murder of Jews?

The Muslim Student Association is a hate network which has played an unfortunate role in creating hostile campus environments for Jewish students. A project of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood network, a disproportionate number of its presidents have gone on to Al Qaeda.

So it was all the more unfortunate that Bernie Sanders invoked the Holocaust in response to a question by a former MSA president about Islamophobia.

The Hill reported that “Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday invoked his ancestors’ deaths in Holocaust concentration camps as he embraced a Muslim student and promised to lead the fight against racism.”

“Let me be very personal if I might. I’m Jewish, my father’s family died in concentration camps,” Sanders said. “I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism that has existed for far too many years.”

Sanders was responding to a question from Sudanese migrant Remaz Abdelgader accusing Republicans of Islamophobia and claiming that Ben Carson, an African-American neurosurgeon, whose Christian family would likely have been massacred by Muslim Brotherhood regime in Remaz's native Sudan had they lived there.

Bernie Sanders has cynically invoked the Holocaust before for his political agenda (while refusing to stand against Iran's plans to carry out a Holocaust against Jews in the modern age), but considering that the Muslim Brotherhood were allies of Hitler and continue to advocate for the mass murder of Jews, for example in the Hamas charter, and continue to praise Hitler, Sanders is being truly shameless.

Remaz Abdelgader was apparently the President of her High School's Muslim Student Association. She has promoted GWU's MSA, suggesting that she attends its events, but it's unclear if she has an official role in the organization.

She claims to want to be a human rights attorney, but her social media reveals that she believes Islam and human rights are incompatible.

"Islam and civil rights issues are mutually exclusive," Remaz writes on Instagram.

"What I have found is that muslim Americans like us, are so afraid of "judging" that we can't talk about certain situations with fear that society will label us as bigots discriminatory and or racist. Islam and civil rights issues are mutually exclusive. Everything is outlined in our faith. Allahu a3lam."

Dajjal is the Islamic devil. A Kafir is a non-Muslim. The entire purpose of the meme is to reprove "modern Muslims" for not hating non-Muslims.

That's Muslim bigotry in a nutshell and it's much more pervasive and much more of a threat than any supposed "rising tide of Islamophobia" being marketed by the Islamophobia Industry of CAIR, the MSA and the rest of the Brotherhood's hate network.

This is the kind of hatred that led to the Holocaust.

After the 2012 attacks on US embassies, Remaz posted a meme reading, "I protest against disrespect of our beloved Mohammad." She also apparently sought to ban a showing of American Sniper.

Despite claiming that she wants to be American, Remaz Abdelgader had also posted the following Malcolm X meme which declares, "I am not interested in being American, because Amerikkka has never been interested in me."

The full context of that quote is revealing of its Muslim Supremacist mindset. "By me being a Muslim, I’m black first—my sympathies are black, my allegiance is black, my whole objectives are black. By me being a Muslim, I’m not interested in being American, because America has never been interested in me.”

Remaz Abdelgader also ranted, "Conformity to your oppressive white supremacist policies is over. We have awoken!"

While Bernie Sanders cynically invoked the Holocaust on her behalf, Remaz Abdelgader is a militant opponent of the Jewish State, writing, "My name is Remaz Abdelgader, I reside in Virginia, USA and I ‪#‎SupportGaza‬". She liked a call to end all US aid to Israel and participated in anti-Israel protests.

Her page also has posters bearing a quote stating that, "It would be wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs."

Remaz Abdelgader also includes this rhyme, "5 6 7 8 ISREAL IS A TERRORIST STATE/5 6 7 8 stop the killing! Stop the hate!"

During the Hamas attacks on Israel in 2014, she also posted an image of Israel wiped out and replaced by an Islamic keffiyah while celebrating Muslim terrorism.

Why is Bernie Sanders exploiting the Holocaust to support someone who supports the murder of Jews?