Why Yale and U of Missouri Shouldn't Be Used to Overgeneralize About Millennials

These aren't an entire generation


I know that a lot of people look at the video meltdowns in Yale and the University of Missouri and attribute it to generational differences. "What happened to these kids" is a common question.


1. These aren't an entire generation. They're trained radical left-wing activists who have been encouraged to emote, to act out and throw tantrums as activism. It's not unique. There were plenty of X'ers and Boomers on campuses who were taught to act the same way.

2. Most of the trigger warning/safe space nonsense is also driven by a small but heavily active identity politics crowd, usually oriented around social justice majors. Their agenda is dominant, but that doesn't mean it's representative.

Millennials have grown up in a more politically correct culture. Their opinions and attitudes reflect that. But that's been true of most generations in a while and that sort of thing is relative. What is happening now is a perfect storm with several causes, one of the biggest of these is the Obama era in which major social transformation and the craziest campus stuff have backing from the White House.

There are assorted generalizations about millennials in the workplace. But your typical campus screamer won't be working a real job. They'll be in academia, diversity consulting or something even dumber and more useless. Millennials serve in the military and members of that generation have won the Medal of Honor.

Each generation has been hit with accusations of permanent immaturity by previous generations. What is happening on campuses has less to do with the supposed immaturity of millennials, but the greater confidence and aggressiveness of left-wing faculty and organizers. Melissa Click, caught on video demanding muscle, isn't a millenial. And she's just the public face of a much older political infrastructure involving guys like Bill Ayers. The foot soldiers are millennials, but behind them are national networks of non-profits and left-wing billionaires using them as activists for their own agendas.