"We're Not Crybullies," Says Yale Crybully

Safe spaces and respect become euphemisms for campus censorship.

Crybully is the perfect term to describe the activist who bullies others while claiming to be the victim. Since its introduction by Julie Burchill in the UK, it's been picked up by Front Page Magazine, National Review, Breitbart, PJ Media and many others. Everyone from Christina Sommers to Walter Hudson to Gavin McInnes is using the term. And the Crybullies don't like it.

Zareena Grewal, a Muslim Associate Professor of American Studies at Yale and BDS supporter, whines in the Washington Post that her student activists aren't "crybullies".

They’re so fragile, over-sensitive and entitled that they can’t handle an intense exchange of ideas or an off-hand personal slight. They’ve been cast as politically correct,coddled millennials — “crybullies” who just need to grow up.

Yes, these students — my students — are making demands. But not because they’re pampered or looking for shelter from opposing points of view. It’s because the Yale they’ve found isn’t the Yale they were looking for.

The Yale they're looking for... is a wonderful place where no one is around with different points of view or Halloween costumes they don't like. And if they don't get what they want, then dance party!

over 1,000 students and faculty from all campus communities came together in a “march of resilience” to hear upbeat speeches and musical performances that eventually segued into an impromptu dance party.

This upbeat "march of resilience" to make everyone feel better, complete with upbeat dance party, is no way coddling the special feelings of the ridiculously immature who are incapable of dealing with things they don't like in any way except a tantrum followed by pony rides. 

"Our students’ aim isn’t to suppress the free expression of their classmates, but to press the university that recruited them, and that they chose, to provide an academic environment where they’re afforded respect."

Except the point of the protest was to 1. Suppress the free expression of their classmates and 2. Punish faculty who didn't immediately agree with that political agenda while 3. Claiming that the lack of immediate faculty endorsement made them feel unsafe

No Crybullying to see here. Just a demand for a "safe space" and "respect" through censorship and repression. Safe spaces and respect become euphemisms for campus censorship.

Anyway, as a Muslim crybully Zareena feels offended by an invite to a Mohammed cartoonist.

I was disappointed when a colleague chose to honor the cartoonist, who had depicted the prophet as a terrorist, with a special invitation to our campus, casting aside regard for how such an invitation might marginalize Muslim students who felt deeply betrayed.

Because freedom of speech is supposed to have a special double standard for privilege crybullies in which they can offend others all day long, but you can't offend them.

Then, just as now, the right-to-offend crowd showed that it can be tone-deaf when it comes to understanding the point that the unquestioned freedom to mock the powerful is qualitatively different than the freedom to, effectively, bully the most vulnerable members of our community.

How vulnerable is anyone at Yale? Aren't the people they're trying to censor by definition more vulnerable than they are?

Isn't Kurt Westergaard, a man who lives under constant police protection and faces death threats that are very real as a recent attack showed, more vulnerable than Zareena Grewal, a Yale associate professor?

 But Zareena Grewal tells us that the crybullies can't just attend Yale. They need to "feel welcome" there. Which means making other people feel unwelcome.

Again no coddled entitled crybullying to see here. Just victimhood theater and safebaiting calls for safe spaces. So, finally, in typical crybully fashion, Zareena Grewal claims that the victims are really the bullies and the crybullies are really the victims, writing, "We shouldn’t demand that our students coddle professors or administrators."

How do students coddle professors and administrators? By not spitting at them and shouting slurs in support of social justice? If you aren't being spit on by amateur student activists whipped up by faculty, you're being coddled.

But while Zareena Grewal lectures about students feeling unwelcome on campus, she has participated in an event held by the MSA hate group, an organization whose chapters have a history of harassing Jewish students. Grewal is an enthusiastic BDS supporter and even attacked Muslims who visited Israel and the local Imam for insufficiently hating the Jewish State.

Grewal urged a boycott at the American Anthropological Association. While she claims to be opposed to censorship and repression, her history of urging exclusion shows otherwise.

She appeared together with Hatem Bazian, an extreme bigot whose anti-Semitic antics made campuses quite unsafe for Jewish students in real world ways, not with Halloween costumes.

A rise in incidents of anti-Semitism was reported by Jewish students at San Francisco State University coinciding with Bazian's increasing influence on campus, and contemporaneous Jewish students have said that Bazian was a critical player in fomenting this environment. Throughout the early 1990s at San Francisco State, Bazian continued his involvement in student politics supporting Pro-Palestinian groups on campus.

While Hatem was at San Francisco State University, he participated in an assault on the offices of the Golden Gater student newspaper accusing it of being full of Jewish spies. Jewish students had complained about anti-Semitic behavior by Bazian, in his role as student body president, and his campaign against Hillel, the leading Jewish campus organization, was a direct attempt to disenfranchise Jewish students.

When a controversial mural of Malcolm X containing dollar signs surrounded by Jewish Stars was painted on the student union building at San Francisco State, Bazian was an organizer of and a featured speaker at a press conference in support of the mural. According to the campus newspaper, The Golden Gater, Jewish students were forcibly excluded from this press conference despite it being held in the public Student Union building. A former SFSU student has also alleged that Bazian prevented his appointment to the Student Judicial Council on the grounds that he supported the state of Israel and was therefore a racist.

The SJP organization allowed Bazian an even larger platform for his violent bigotry. In April 2002, seventy-nine members of SJP attempted to disrupt a Holocaust Remembrance Day event and were arrested. At a rally to protest their arrests, Bazian said, "take a look at the type of names on the building around campus — Haas, Zellerbach — and decide who controls this university."

Steven Emerson, in his book American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us ( pp. 214-215), quotes Bazian sermonizing at an American Muslim Alliance conference in May 1999 in California, promoting the Islamic State of Palestine. Excerpts from the quote read:

"In the Hadith, the Day of Judgment will never happen until you fight the Jews. They are on the west side of the river, which is the Jordan River, and you're on the east side until the trees and stones will say, oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him! And that's in the Hadith about this, this is a future battle before the Day of Judgment."

Hatem Bazian, however, denied on The O'Reilly Factor ever saying these words, "I would never use that statement," and that this was falsely attributed to him. He said that he was considering legal action as a response but this has yet to happen.

Grewal was a keynote speaker at Zaytuna College, where Bazian has a role, and has a very ugly history. Its president had called Judaism a racist religion. Its chairman openly supported terrorism. And they've recently called for restricting speech critical of Islam.

Yet Grewal believes that Yale is an intolerant unsafe place, but Zaytuna College and its hateful bigots, one of whom was the former Muslim chaplain at Yale, are great. Halloween costumes at Yale are a hate crime, but calling for the murder of Jews and Americans is tolerant and inclusive stuff.

This is typical crybullying.

The bullies are the victims. They need safe spaces created for their bullying.

The most common attribute of the crybully is a refusal to accept a genuinely tolerant environment in which everyone lives and lets live. Instead they claim that this environment somehow hurts them even as they pursue goals that would repress, marginalize, silence and purge people who disagree with them.