For $500 You Can Get a Military Weapon in Capital of European Union in 30 Min    

Gun control really works

Repeat after me.

1. Gun control works. If we had European gun control, we would be much safer.

2. There are no such things as no-go zones. They were made up by "Islamophobes".

3. Shots? What shots?

A breeding ground for violence" the mayor of Molenbeek called her borough on Sunday, speaking of unemployment and overcrowding among Arab immigrant families, of youthful despair finding refuge in radical Islam.

Belgium’s home affairs minister said that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek,” a working-class neighborhood of Brussels that has been linked to several terrorism plots in recent years.

That certainly sounds like a no-go zone. And did somebody say guns?

"With 500-1,000 euros (dollars) you can get a military weapon in half an hour," said Bilal Benyaich, senior fellow at Brussels think-tank the Itinera Institute, who has studied the spread of radical Islam in Belgium. "That makes Brussels more like a big U.S. city" in mostly gun-free Europe, he said.

What makes Brussels like a big U.S. city is "diversity". Brussels has a majority of foreigners. More than a quarter are Muslim.

Conservatives blamed lax oversight on left-wing predecessors, nationally and in Molenbeek town hall

How shockingly unexpected....

Given the difficulty of gathering intelligence in places like Molenbeek, a borough of 90,000 where some neighborhoods were up to 80 percent Muslim, any gaps in the information chain were problematic, Bakker said: "In parts of Brussels there are areas on which the police have little grip, very segregated areas that don't feel they're a part of the Belgian state.

These Terroristines are growing across Europe and the world. ISIS and Gaza are just major examples of Terroristines. But they can form anywhere.