3 in 4 Syrians Supported Funding Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda

63% wanted to refuse American medical and humanitarian assistance to Syria


This is from 2007, but I doubt the numbers have gotten much better since.

44% of Syrians strongly opposed normal trade relations with the US. Another 12.6% only somewhat opposed them.

Less than a third were in favor of them. A majority opposed closer relations with the US.

70% called for refusing American trade and investment to create more jobs in Syria.

63% wanted to refuse American medical and humanitarian assistance to Syria. (Puts all the whining about how we're not helping them enough into perspective, doesn't it? They don't like us and they don't want our help.)

63% opposed housing assistance from the US for Iraqi refugees in Syria. (Yes, it's very ironic.)

74% believed it was very important to provide "financial support for groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah".

78% supported financial assistance to Hezbollah terrorists.

77% supported financial aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

77% supported financial assistance to "Iraqi fighters", a group that was then heavily Al Qaeda. This group eventually evolved into ISIS and its various rivals such as Al Nusra.

Less than 10 percent opposed.

There's a reason that Syria was considered a terror state and a member of the Axis of Evil. There's a reason why Syria is in the mess that it's in now. Syrian migrants, no matter how they're vetted, are highly likely to support terrorism.

The numbers are clear. It's a fact.