Who is the Democratic Party's Minority Candidate? Martin O'Malley

What's his secret?


The Democrats keep insisting that their slate of old white candidates is bound to defeat the Republicans because racial demographics are on their side. But Hillary's embarrassing pandering to Latinos just generated its own hashtag and Bernie Sanders is about as appealing to minority voters as he is to small business owners.

Strangely enough, the minority candidate in this race is Governor Rain Tax, Martin O'Malley.

O'Malley was attacked for his time as Baltimore mayor when he tried to lock up criminals because that was his job, but curiously enough he's the only Democratic candidate who is powered by minority voters. While Hillary and Sanders no doubt have higher total minority support, Hillary's white and non-white support is about equal, while Bernie Sanders' base is white hipsters.

Martin O'Malley is a pimple on a blip in the polls. He's polling at 3% overall Among white voters he polls 2%, but among minority voters, he polls at 6%.

Yes, Old Rain Tax is far more popular among minority voters than he is among white voters.

What's his secret? Well he is running against Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Next to their pale skin tones, he's practically a man of color.