Fake Black Man Shaun King Says Jews Can't Have Blue Eyes, Blond Hair

Sorry no.

#BlackLivesMatter's whitest activist wants to discuss white supremacy and genetics. I have no idea why, but the Daily News, which only gives political columns to a select group of failed sportswriters, film critics and homeless crackheads, gave one to Shaun King.

However, side by side with Easter, it’s also the time when we are most likely to see depictions of Jesus used as tools of white supremacy.

In Atlanta, I see them everywhere I go. Jesus as a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby and his blue-eyed supermodel mother are ubiquitous and done without even a slight hint of humor. It’s preposterous. It would truly be no different from depicting Christopher Columbus as a dark-skinned African or Thomas Jefferson as a long-haired Latino. People actually look a certain way.

Jesus was not a European.

Jews have blond-hair and blue-eyes. I say that as a formerly blond-haired and blue-eyed baby.  The hair has darkened a lot since then, but the eyes are still blue.

The indigenous people of the middle east can and do have a range of hair and eye colors. Racist leftists are defining a racial norm for the entire region based largely on the Arab ethnic group that colonized and dominated the region. (And, for that matter, there are Arabs with light hair and blue eyes.)

But one of the striking things that people noted about some of the Yazidis being ethnically cleansed by Arab Muslim terror groups is that some of their children have blonde hair and blue eyes. There are non-Muslim ethnic groups across the Muslim world, such as the Kalash in Pakistan, who also have blonde hair and blue eyes (they are also predictably targeted by Islamic terrorists).

Shaun King is repeating racist myths. And it's all the most absurd because Shaun King's own race has been called into question based on his vanilla skin tone and childhood photos appear to show him with red hair. After all that, Shaun King has decided to racially police Jews.

Sorry no.

This brand of wacky racism reminds me of George Saliba, the Professor of Arabic and Islamic Science at Columbia U telling a Jewish student that 'See, you have green eyes.' He said, 'You're not a Semite.' He said, 'I'm a Semite. I have brown eyes. You have no claim to the land of Israel.'

Green eyes are not actually that uncommon among Arabs. But in the bizarre racist supremacism of left-wing racists, skin color and eye color entitle you to things. This requires a whole lot of historical revisionism and ignoring the actual people who live there.