Obama: Taking Away Guns from Women is Just Like Giving Women the Vote

This is really pitched at the IQ level of Obama voters

Obama held his big Anti-Bill of Rights event surrounded by official human shields. He even faked a few tears. Sadly, he probably won't win an Emmy. Still if he gets bored in retirement, he can always try a guest spot on a soap opera. He seems to love being on TV more than anything else anyway. He just needs the right vehicle. Maybe Rahm's brother can hook him up with an A&E show.

The speech is the same nonsense and lies as before. Except with more family members and fake tears.

Same calls for "common sense solutions" for "folks". Same claims that gun violence is a crisis by a politician who frees drug dealers and imports terrorists like it's going out of style. Same promises that he won't eliminate the 2nd amendment, from a man whose activist base is obsessed with doing exactly that.

And some analogies and rhetoric that is ridiculously terrible even for the final year of the worst non-fictional presidency in American history.

"And yes, it will be hard and it won't happen overnight. It won't happen during this Congress, it won't happen during my presidency. But a lot of things don't happen overnight. A woman's right to vote didn't happen overnight, the liberation of African-Americans didn't happen overnight."

So Obama's argument is that taking away civil rights from women is just like giving civil rights to women? Forward!

This is really pitched at the IQ level of Obama voters. They're the only people dumb enough to fall for this nonsense.