Majority of Iowa Caucus Dems Call Themselves Politically Correct Socialists

Meet the new Democratic Party. It's like the Communist Party, but it hasn't picked out its own snappy uniforms yet.

If Bernie Sanders wins Iowa, it will be in no small part because Iowa Democrats describe themselves as Socialists more than supporters of free enterprise and human freedom.

More than half—58 percent—of those backing Sanders say that word “socialist” resonates with them, compared to about a third for Clinton supporters. Sanders represents Vermont as an independent senator caucusing with Democrats, and he describes himself as a democratic socialist. 

“I never really thought of it as socialism before, but I’ve educated myself on the issue and I guess if I’m a socialist, I’m a socialist,” said Sarah Kane, 38, nurse practitioner and Sanders supporter from Waterloo, Iowa. “I believe in those things.”

As Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." We're seeing a reminder of that here and now.

There isn't great polling on how many Americans overall consider themselves socialists, but a Gallup poll in June showed that just 47 percent of Americans would even be willing to vote for a socialist candidate. Among Democrats, that number was 59 percent.

More recently, a November New York Times/CBS News poll showed 56 percent of Democratic primary voters nationally said they had a positive view of socialism.

Another tidbit from the poll that the media didn't seek to bring forward is that while 43 percent of Iowa Caucus Dems call themselves Socialists, 53 percent describe themselves as "Politically Correct".

This isn't a political disagreement. It's a primal conflict between freedom and slavery. It's a civil war between Socialists who want to enslave Americans and those who want to set them free.