Bernie Sanders Before Yom Kippur War: "No Guns for Israel"

These days, Bernie Sanders is being accused of not being anti-gun enough by Hillary Clinton. But in 1971, he had a pretty firm position on guns. For the Jewish State.

Sanders said in 1971 at a campaign stop in a synagogue that he supported “no guns for Israel,” according to Diamondstone’s account. His flip-flop on that issue in Congress, coupled with his desire to add militarized F-35 bombers to the Burlington airport, show how much he’s changed.

This was a few years before the Yom Kippur War when Israel came closest to being destroyed.

Diamondstone is Peter Diamondstone of the Liberty Union Party, which is very much against the Jewish State. Sanders joined it in 1971 and ran for office. His positions back then were even crazier than they are now. Sanders' old pal Diamondstone really hates the Jewish State, saying, "Using the word ‘Israel’ dignifies, in my mind, war crimes and genocide,"

As part of his campaign, Diamondstone calls for the end of the military conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and the "Zionist state" of Israel.

If Diamondstone is correct, then Bernie Sanders had at one point adopted his anti-Israel views. This isn't surprising because as we have seen lately, Bernie Sanders does shift his positions for political convenience. He certainly has done so in the Senate. His actual voting record is fairly close to Hillary Clinton's. The question is which was the real Bernie Sanders?

While Bernie Sanders was not against Israel in the Senate, like some of his other positions, he has taken a leftward turn on the campaign trail, calling for "aggressive normalization" with Iran during the last Democratic debate.

Bernie Sanders supporters make much of his working on a kibbutz as a young man. But Bernie Sanders was there with his older brother Larry, who had a great deal of influence on him. Larry has since moved to the UK and is active in politics there with the anti-Israel Green Party. Larry Sanders holds extremely anti-Israel views.