Jane Elliot's Racist Diversity Training Now Being Used to Abuse 7-Year-Olds

This is not only racism, it's straightforward child abuse.

A first grade teacher in Florida is under investigation for an unapproved, controversial “lesson on racism” that left some students in tears.

Parents are complaining about a “lesson on racism” for first grade students at Minneola Elementary Charter School the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in which the teacher segregated her 7- and 8-year-old student by eye color then discriminated against some for several hours, WESH reports.

The teacher, who was not named in media reports, gave students with blue eyes candy and hugs, and ignored students with brown eyes, according to WFTV.

Minneola principal Sherry Watts told WFTV the lesson was not approved by administrators.

“The experiment shouldn’t have taken place at all,” she said. “It’s not appropriate for first grade.”

It's not appropriate for any grade. This is Jane Elliot's vileness filtering all the way down to first grade courtesy of teachers programmed with social justice hate.

Elliot’s technique was to emotionally abuse students in ways reminiscent of fringe cults and Soviet self-criticism sessions which break down an individual’s sense of identity by publicly attacking her sense of self.

Elliot’s infamous "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" technique involved separating people with blue eyes and emotionally abusing them to "cure" them of their racism. What "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" lacked in effectiveness, it more than made up for in malice. Jane Elliot’s racist child abuse was embraced by leftists and eventually became the keystone of diversity training.

In session after session, diversity trainers following in Elliot’s violently hateful footsteps singled out blond and blue-eyed women for abuse in public

The goal of these sessions, which looked a lot like EST, but with a viciously racist bent, was to degrade, humiliate and break people. Making her targets cry was a plus. Elliot's racist emotional abuse was considered a touchstone of diversity training. It's been showing up in all sorts of places.

In Blue Eyed, masochistic adults accept Elliott’s two-and-a-half-hour exercise in sadism (reduced to 90 minutes of film), designed to make white people understand what it is to be "a person of color" in America. To achieve this, she divides her group into stupid, lazy, shiftless, incompetent, and psychologically brutalized "blue eyes," on the one hand, and clever and empowered "brown eyes," on the other. Some of the sadism is central to the "game," but much is gratuitous, and it continues after the exercise has ended.

People call the exercise cruel, Elliott explains, but "I’m only doing this for one day to little white children. Society does this to children of color every day."

The facilitators’ guide and publicity for Blue Eyed states things honestly: Elliott "does not intellectualize highly emotionally charged or challenging topics…she uses participants’ own emotions to make them feel discomfort, guilt, shame, embarrassment, and humiliation." Facilitators are urged to use the raw emotions of Blue Eyed (blueys do cry a lot) to tap the reactions of the viewers.

To understand where we're headed, it's important to understand that the Jane Elliots are in charge. The radical left has built up a great deal of institutional power. And it is more vital than ever to elect candidates who understand what the left is and how to fight it.