Swedish Cops Had a Special "Code 291" to Cover Up Migrant Crimes

Every time you hear the media follow up the report of a Muslim terror attack with worries about a "backlash", this mindset goes up to the highest levels. The authorities are determined to cover up Muslim violence. They do this through the usual "nothing to do with Islam" and "nothing to do with the refugee crisis" lies. But they also have more sophisticated bureaucratic methods for doing this.

One of those has been exposed in Sweden.

Recently The Point discussed the murder of Alexandra Mezher, who was stabbed to death working with asylum seekers at a shelter.

A young asylum seeker on Monday allegedly stabbed and killed a female employee of the refugee centre for unaccompanied minors where he was staying in western Sweden, police said.

The 22-year-old victim was rushed to a nearby hospital but died of her wounds, police said.

"These kinds of calls are becoming more and more common. We're dealing with more incidents like these since the arrival of so many more refugees from abroad," police spokesman Thomas Fuxborg said.

That murder, like many other crimes, was marked Code 291.

Police have collected thousands of cases under the secret code 291 since October 2015. The code collects cases in which the victim, the suspect are migrants. Several highly publicized cases are collected under Code 291. One of them is the murder of Alexandra Mezher.

Code 291 was meant to be secret.

The National Operational Department, NOA, the police previously assessed that all information related to the flow of refugees had to be secret.

"Regarding an Asset 291 that has become known to the media. The code is used as working for the daily situation report. The daily situation report is classified why it says there shall not be disclosed."

SvD can now reveal that under code 291 conceals over 5,000 reported incidents.

The people at the top wanted an overview of the crisis, but they did not want the public to know what was going on. That was what Code 291 was for.

Police would not disclose details of the resources spent on work with refugees and migrants.  This despite the fact that the agency kept separate statistics on this using the secret code "291" .

This is not how democracies work. This is not how free countries work. This is how totalitarian states work.

European governments are deliberately hiding information about Muslim migrant crimes from the public. They are covering up attacks, intimidating witnesses and even visiting the homes of people who criticize this on Twitter to intimidate them.

One example is Mark Jongeneel, a small business owner in the small city of Sliedrecht who tweeted his reaction to asylum plans in his city:

"The college of Sliedrecht has a proposal to receive 250 refugees in the coming 2 years. What a bad plan! #letusresist"

Hours later, his mother (with whom he lives) contacted him to say local police had visited her house and were now on their way to his office.

This is what a totalitarian system looks like. Code 291 should be a rallying call to bring down the iron curtain of collectivist bureaucracy and expose the truth about its migrant hordes.