Here's How "Flat Broke" Bill Clinton Buys Stuff

During the last election, Obama trotted out Bill Clinton to talk up his economic programs. If Hillary is the nominee, expect Bill Clinton to be out there pretending to be able to relate to ordinary people.

But here's the reality that Bill Clinton lives in.

Plus, Clinton was notoriously blasé about financial matters. “He doesn’t care about money,” the Clinton friend told me. “He doesn’t even have a credit card. When he wants to get something he says, ‘Wow, I love that,’ and whoever he’s with says, ‘Here it is!’

That's the way royalty and a limited class of celebrities function. The piece focused on the role that Clinton's body man, a pal of Huma Abedin, played in picking through his political ties for cash. It wouldn't terribly surprise me if a whole lot of the Clinton loot ended up in the pockets of their associates.

But this is also a reminder of the unreal world that the Clintons inhabit.

Hillary Clinton didn't know how to check her own email because she had assistants for that. And everything else. Emails show that she seemed incapable of performing basic tasks without them.

Bill Clinton doesn't walk into a store and buy stuff. He has no idea how money works. The guy that Democrats tout for understanding how to fix the economy can't balance his own personal budget. His own economic world has more in common with European royalty or Michael Jackson than any normal human being's. And this is the couple lecturing us on income inequality.

Here's a little reminder of how Bill Clinton shops.

When in Paris, even former President Bill Clinton can apparently spare a little time for shopping – at Hermès.

A five-car convoy carrying the former president and a security detachment arrived out front of the luxury brand's landmark boutique on Monday at noon.

Clinton, 68, spent more than an hour on the shop's third floor section, where windows were closed after his arrival. The observer speculated: "He's up there, probably buying the store."

The luxury store sells ties for about $225; a leather belt can set you back nearly $1,000.

And you can bet, Bill Clinton had no idea of the prices of anything he was buying. That's something for other people to take care of. Like American taxpayers.