Those Trump KKK Supporters were #BlackLivesMatter Activists

Media outlets quickly picked up a story about two Klansmen in full robes and caps standing outside a Nevada caucus site to "support" Donald Trump. While Trump certainly has a very active Neo-Nazi Alt-Right base, it mostly spends its time on Twitter calling conservatives "cuckservatives" and retweeting anime and Taylor Swift memes to make themselves seem younger than they are. (That doesn't mean he's responsible for them.)

There was one obvious problem with these two KKK Trump supporters. They were black.



The media found time to do an interview with a man who "confronted" them, but not with the actual black Klansmen for Trump. The results of such an interview would have been most inconvenient.

Senator Aaron Ford, who helped spread the story, essentially admitted they were black, but claimed that it didn't matter.



While it's a free country and black people have as much right to set up their own KKK affiliate as anyone else, it seems pretty obvious that black men dressed as Klansmen probably aren't real grand wizards. The giveaway though is the reference to the New England Police Benevolent Association in... Nevada.

Why mention the New England Police Benevolent Association in Nevada? The Association endorsed Trump. This really looks like an attempt to smear police officers. Black activists out to smear police in New England by associating them with the KKK leads us inevitably to Black Lives Matter.

I wouldn't quite call this a fake hate crime since anyone with common sense can figure out what's going on, but that obviously excludes the media which tried to turn a political protest into a fake hate crime.

The activists didn't try too hard or they would have worn gloves. So this counts more as a political protest. But by distorting the story, the media took a protest and misrepresented it. Because that's what the media does.