Flashback: Democrats Called Goldwater a Nazi

It should be remembered that Democrats have one single playbook since time immemorial which they run regardless of its appropriateness and relevance. They have only one cry and it's wolf. If Hitler rose from the dead and ran from office, no one would pay attention because they heard it all before.

Here's the playbook in action against Barry Goldwater who, like Bernie Sanders, was ethnically Jewish, but did not identify as such.

Sen. Goldwater Compared to Nazi Leader

Union leader Mr. George Meany yesterday compared Senator Goldwater to Hitler and warned against dismissing the Republican Presidential candidate as a crackpot.

"In the 1930s, the people of Germany and the world said Hitler was a crackpot," Mr. Meany said. "But he captured control of a political party and seven years later we had a catastrophic war."

"I have drawn a parallel between Goldwater and Hitler and I make no apology for drawing that parallel," he said.

Too many union leaders to count accused Goldwater of Hitlerism and compared him to Hitler and Mussolini. When Nazis supporting George Lincoln Rockwell heckled Goldwater, the media claimed that Goldwater supporters had sent the Nazis to heckle Goldwater.

MLK claimed that, "We see danger signs of Hitlerism in the candidacy of Mr. Goldwater." Also Khrushchev compared the Republican convention where Goldwater was nominated to a Nazi rally.

Mayor Jack Shelley of San Francisco claimed that Goldwater strategists got all their ideas from Mein Kampf. Roy Wilkins of the NAACP said, "Those who say that the doctrine of ultra-conservatism offers no menace should remember that a man come out of the beer halls of Munich and rallied the forces of rightism in Germany. All the same elements are there in San Francisco now."

Charles Lynch wrote, "The tendency for Goldwater's critics to say he really isn't so bad sounds similar to things Hitler's early German critics used to say." Congressman David King of Utah said that Goldwater was using Hitler's arguments.

Governor Brown of California, the earlier member of that dynasty, said, "Goldwater's acceptance speech had the stench of fascism. All we needed to hear was Heil Hitler."

John Crosby wrote, "Goldwater, if he gets power, will use it exactly like Hitler". Then he added that Goldwater has "a naked thirst for anarchy which is the most unquenchable thirst a man can have".

Anarchy being the thing most associated with a Nazi dictatorship.