Nancy Reagan Criticized Obama's Vacations

It's easy to tell the difference between class and no class, between American leaders and leaders who hate America and can't wait to get away from it.

Joan Rivers went on to reveal that Nancy Reagan had been critical of the Obamas.

“The last time I saw Nancy,” Rivers told me, “I asked what she thought of Michelle Obama going to Spain in the summer and she said, ‘I would not have gone.’ You don’t go with two busloads of friends to Spain when the country is in the state it’s in. You stay in America. It was a bad move.”

Rivers and Reagan then talked about the Obamas holidaying in Nantucket that year rather than spending more time on the Gulf Coast, site of the disastrous BP oil spill.

Nancy Reagan, Rivers said, “thought: ‘Go to exactly where you’re telling the world to go.’ They should’ve gone to the Gulf and stayed there longer, to show their support.”

But it's all lip service. And the comforts and privileges of our progressive overlords always come ahead of the needs of the people whom they claim to represent.