Obama: We Have to Understand Why Our Enemies Hate Us

Obama understands really well why our enemies hate us. He understands it so well that it's almost as if he thinks like them.

How did Obama get to Havana? Full-Time Toady Jeffrey Goldberg has another answer/PR piece for the White House.

Over the years, Obama has been criticized steadily for “apologizing” on behalf of the United States for its various alleged misdeeds in other countries. As he told me in one of my recent interviews with him, “We have history. We have history in Iran, we have history in Indonesia and Central America. So we have to be mindful of our history when we start talking about intervening, and understand the source of other people’s suspicions.”

This is a soft way of saying, we have to understand why our enemies hate us. He told his Iran negotiators the same thing. And implicit in that argument is the claim that maybe their hatred is justified.

That maybe we're the bad guys. And Iran and Cuba are the good guys. That's how Obama's leftist mentors see the world. And just maybe, it's how he sees it too.