Media Already Running "Muslims Fear Blowback" Stories After Brussels

After every Muslim terrorist attack, the media rapidly pivots to claiming that Muslims are the real victims by running "Muslims fear blowback" stories. Above all else, we must always remember that the real victims are the murderers.

Did a Muslim terrorist just murder a dozen people, behead a soldier or shoot up a synagogue? The media follows its initial sensational footage of the attack by covering the tragic plight of some Islamist activist who claims to have gotten dirty looks on the bus. Because a Muslim settler's hurt feelings just count for more than the native population which was just murdered.

After each Muslim terror attack, the shift to the "blowback" narrative comes faster and faster. But after the Brussels attack, we appear to have a new "blowback" speed record.

The International Business Times ran a piece by Michael Kaplan, not long after the attack,  headlined, "Muslims Fear Backlash After Brussels Attack: Far-Right, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment Often Follows Violence"

It didn't actually happen yet. But let's report it anyway. It's much more important to speculate about another imaginary blowback than to show sympathy for the politically inconvenient victims of Muslim terror.

Kaplan based his piece on Vocativ which ran its blowback piece at 7:45 AM. That's really impressive. We may have a new "blowback" speed record.

For the future, reporters should simply skip to reporting the Muslim fears of blowback and avoid discussing the attack itself... because that might just generate more blowback. After every terror attack, reporters should immediately rush to a Muslim neighborhood to preemptively interview potential victims of the possible blowback about their fears of a blowback.

Because real journalism isn't reporting what actually happened. It's about aggressively shoving your narrative down everyone's throats until they learn to accept it. And it's about the assertion that Muslim fears are more important than European deaths.