Snowflake Nation: 45% of College Students Now Receive A's

"Until the Vietnam War, C was the most common grade on college campuses"


Either college students have gotten a lot smarter. Or college has become a really expensive government program with no educational purpose.

Analyzing 70 years of transcript records from more than 400 schools, the researchers found that the share of A grades has tripled, from just 15 percent of grades in 1940 to 45 percent in 2013. At private schools, A’s account for nearly a majority of grades awarded.

B's account for 33 percent. Which means that students are now apparently quite brilliant. And, according to GradeInflation, they keep getting more brilliant each year.

Until the Vietnam War, C was the most common grade on college campuses.  That was true for over fifty years.  Then grades rose dramatically.

Self-esteem has to come from somewhere.

What could possibly account for this incredible phenomenon of students becoming smarter every single year?

1. Falling standards - the move away from objective rational education to feelings based ideology heavy indoctrination makes it much easier to get good grades. That was the case in the USSR. But the educational content is worthless. Writing an essay on white privilege is a lot easier than explaining the dynamic of the Civil War. There's much less research and original thinking involved.

2. Special snowflake students - all millenials are not entitled monsters. It's a generational stereotype. But there are plenty of narcissistic squeaky wheels on campus. Do you think your average crybully is going to settle for a B or accept a C? That's racist, sexist, somethingphobic, etc... don't you know the toll that this is taking on them, where's the safe space and the counselling?