New York Jews Really Hate Bernie Sanders

And this was before Bernie Sanders began pandering to the anti-Israel left with his pro-Hamas Utah speech and had a member of the anti-Israel hate group Students for Justice in Palestine standing behind him.

Bernie Sanders has lost with Jewish voters in Massachusetts and Florida. And he's got major problems in New York where Jewish voters are a significant part of the electorate. And Jews hate the anti-Israel Socialist son of a "Polish immigrant" whose only connection with the Jewish community is mentioning Hitler.

Even before his Utah and Arizona nastiness, Bernie Sanders was only picking up 29% of Jewish voters compared to 56% for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary. Those are really terrible numbers. The only group of New York Democrats that hated Bernie Sanders more are black people.

How bad is it? Catholics are 2% more likely to vote for Bernie Sanders than Jews.

Those numbers have even gotten worse since February when Bernie Sanders was at least winning 33% of Jewish voters.

In a general election, Bernie Sanders beats Trump in New York, 57% to 33%, but 39% of Jews vote for Trump and 51% for Bernie Sanders. If Bloomberg had entered the race, he would have beaten Bernie among Jewish voters 40% to 31% (Trump would get 21%).

Birds might be attracted to Bernie Sanders. But Jews can't stand him.